Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday March 17, 2014 - Scripture Power is the Power

This week was another good one. We´re really just busy doing a little bit of everything right now, so some days I feel like I´m going a little crazy! 

We had our Stake Conference this weekend, and Elder Nuñez from the area came along with Presidente y Hermana Ávila. They talked, of course, a lot about the work of salvation, and the way that the Lord is hastening His work. 

We have been put on a little bit of a hold with things here this last week. We´ve been doing a lot of finding week and we got told ¨No¨a LOT this week. BUT as we´ve learned to say in the mission ¨No, es una buena respuesta.¨ (NO, is still a good answer.) The work isn´t easy down here, and keeping missionaries animated is a big part of what we do day to day. But patience builds character, and helps us to understand the importance of doing EVERYTHING in our power to merit the blessings and the help of the Lord in this work. 

We´ve been working a lot with Gabriel (recent convert that will be headed to a mission in May). His story is incredible. I´ll tell you about it next week or something. But the gospel has worked the most miraculous change in him, and he is just so eager to share it with his friends. 
*Rocio is a friend of Gabriel. We went by with him to visit her older brother, but ended up inviting her to take the lessons. We had one with her last week, and it was AWESOME. We taught the plan of salvation. She is 16, and lives in a really rough part of town. She loved the idea that God really has a plan for her life, and that he knows her. She´s loved watching the change in Gabi, and is eager to know what makes him so special now.
*Mauricio!!!!!! His paperwork FINALLY came!! So...that means.... He and Ivana can go to get a ¨turno¨ or go register to..... GET MARRIED!!!!!! that is a HUGE step for them, and even though they don´t have money for rings, clothes, or a real ¨wedding¨, they know it´s what they need to do. THey´re moving forward with tons of faith, and they know the Lord will provide.

This past week, we had Zone conferences in Mendoza. We talked a lot about the changes that are happening in the mission, and the need to really dedicate ourselves. We talked about the need of preparation. This work is getting harder and harder as the world becomes more and more complicated. The need for us to be convinced and even more so be able to convince others, of the truths that we teach is undeniable. Our message has the power to change the world... do we treat it that way? 
Presidente Ávila issued us the challenge as a mission to read el Libro de Mormón cover to cover in 66 days. 
So this last week I started over, and I have to say, I am obsessed. 

I´ve probably read first nefi a bazillion times, but it never gets old. 
As I´ve made the message of the restoration and the Book of Mormon a priority in my studies and really tried to live according to those truths, it´s made a huge impact on me. The other night we were in a lesson with Mauricio and his family, and we talked about the Restauración, and he bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon. He´s not even a member yet, but just the focus that he´s had on that book and the message it contains has brought such a new meaning to his life and a conversion that will be lasting.
We all know the story of the boy José Smith. Of his vision, and then later his calling to be a profet of God. 
There is no reason to not share this incredible message with the world. They need what we have, and what we have can change the world. It´s just THAT important.
I know that THIS is Christ´s church. That from the beginning, the Lord had a perfect plan to accomplish his wise purposes. I know that a young boy of just 14years had a question, and important and sincere desire to know the truth. He ACTED on that desire, and in response, received one of the most life-impacting respuestas. One that not only changed his life, but the history of the world. I know that God answers prayers. That he knows his children so personally, and wants that each of us know the truth, and not be left in darkness. 
I know that The Book of Mormon IS ¨Another Testament of Jesus Christ¨. It is the word of God, and the key to our religion. It holds the tools we need to know what to do in this life to bring us happiness, peace, comfort and guidance now, and lead us to the path that leads to life eternal.  
Our message is único. There´s nothing else like it. Nor will there ever be.
It´s humbling to know that the Lord, all-knowing and all-powerful as he is, knows each of us. Our trials, our struggles, our happiness's, and our needs. And that if we pray to him, exercise our faith in him, and trust that he will do what is in our best interest, he will work miracles in our lives and allow us to touch the lives of others of his children.
I love this gospel. I love all of you. Every day I grow more and more grateful for how incredibly and undeniably blessed I have been in my life.
God lives, and Jesus is the living Christ.

Les amo. Esta semana que viene! Cuídense! 
xoxox Your Hermana C 

Cotton Candy in the Plaza!!! 

Cerro de la Gloria

Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 10, 2014 - photos

*sunrise this morning
**walking down the street during the siesta, and the only car coming down the street looked like there were people in it waving at us like maniacs. So i look over as it passes. Two of the YSA from my ward in San Juan, Ariel, y Damian!! they screech the car to a halt, and jump out. What are the chances??