Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Estrellitas y Puntos Grises‏(Stars and Grey Dots!)

¡Hola Mi Hermosa Familia!
This last week was admittedly one of the longer ones so far...but also at the same time was another one full of miracles. We only had about 3 full days of working, my poor compañera has been sick all week. We're actually on our way to Mendoza again today to go to the medico. 
Wednesday we came back from Mendoza round 1, and we only had a few hours of daylight, but we decided to make them count. We pounded the pavement in one neighborhood, and found 3 amazing new investigators!!
First, there's Enrique. He's actually Estela's grandson! He was in the accident with the rest of the family, and is the only survivor. He's had to cope with a lot the last few years. He had major head trauma, is missing part of his cranial bone, and one side of his face is completely destroyed. He told us that he'd actually met someone from the church. About a month ago, he was at the gym by our chapel, and he said he always liked to stop outside, but it was always locked. One day he saw someone coming out, a man from our branch, and he asked him what it was like inside. Hermano Gil invited him to church to find out for himself. Long story short, we invited him to be baptized, he accepted, he came to church yesterday, and we had a lesson last night! Hermano Gil had already told him quite a bit. We are planning his baptism for the 7th of September!! He is stellar, and seriously so prepared! Es un milagro!
Estela is on date for that same day, and it will be cool to watch them make this change together!
We found another FAMILY! Antonio y Fabiana. They aren't married...yet. but they are working on it, and they have 8 kids. 4 his 4 hers. 7 of which are above baptismal age!! Antonio is a gem! So spiritual, and is going to be the link. And they are reading el Libro de Mormón! They've both been through a lot, and the gospel is going to bless their family so much! 
We've been working all week to reign in the effects of La Tormenta Blanca that we had last week. Our whole zone came and spent 3 hours contacting people in the streets and putting people en fecha for baptism. So right now, we have 66 new investigators, and 34 of them are on date for baptism. it's insanity, as you can imagine. There literally are not enough hours in the day! But we're seeing so many blessings, and it never ceases to amaze me the way that the Lord puts people in our path. He is so aware of his children and their needs! 
Then, one of our most difficult and stubborn menos activo families came to church yesterday!! Milagros! 
I gave my first talk in sacrament this week, and the topic they gave me was "desarrollamos nuestros talentos" (developing our talents). Really it was a good one for me. I've thought a lot about that since being on a mission. I told the story about Punchinello, "Tu eres especial!" and everyone loved it! They don't have that story down here. The story of the Wemmicks is a perfect comparison with the people here. Really for all of us. We're quick to give people estrellitas y puntos grises (stars and dots). But the beauty and brilliance in each of us and the organization of the church is that each of us has something specifically unique to offer the world! Honestly the power that comes with that, works miracles. 
All you need is love!
I hope that this finds you all well. Good luck starting school today everyone! Take lots of pictures!
Hasta luego!
Con mucho amor,
xoxo Your Hermana C

August 26, 2013 - Q and A's

Good morning, just up starting the new school year with everyone!  Wahoooooo!  Clothes set out, backpacks full of supplies, sock and shoes found, lunch money for some, packed lunch for Em. Schedules taped to binders, locker combo memorized.  It was like Christmas Eve going to bed last night. Davis is thrilled to be a senior and going to school.   Everyone up and moving so far this morning,  Just taking Carpool to Centennial Junior High! Ben says hi and Ryan says Happy birthday? They are both excited and nervous. I sure love and miss you.
Hi this is Emmi, It's my first day of school! I am wearing a cute pink, green and yellow dress with yellow leggings!  And oh, silver shoes!
I am sure you look so cute! I LOVE you so much! I can't believe you're in 4th grade!! Have so much fun!
I hope you all know how in awe I am at technology. Maybe Em doesn't realize or appreciate it, but do you realize I'm halfway around the world and just got told what color her shoes are?? That's pretty cool!
1. Are you feeling like you are eating okay and going to stay healthy week after week? apparently I'm eating fine.. I'm so fat!!  I'm healthy though, yes.
2.Can you shop for any thing but food? we barely have enough money for food. Hermana Keller has been in and out of the hospital, so we're not allowed to eat with members anymore, but we have a senior couple that is going to start buying gluten free friendly food for us in Mendoza and bring it to us so we should be good. 
3. Why do you barely have enough money for food?  Are you giving the members money to buy GF food?  What is fresh that you can eat? Because we've been living on "regular people" funds, buying Gf food which is SO expensive out here in the middle of no where. No President is giving them extra money for the people who are on dietary restriction.  He takes such good care of us.  We try to eat fresh fruits and veggies when possible.  I'm really fine mom, I'm plump. Be careful and don't hurt it any more.  Walk, lots of veggies and 100 each sit-ups and leg lifts every day??okay doctor mom :) my body is still just adjusting i think.  everything here is so new...
4.  How are your shoes and all the walking?I've been having some problems with my foot...but the toms seem to be helping that just fine. best decision ever and the good news is that once summer hits here, toms are huge, and cheap. So i should be set.
5. Good you are walking so much!  Take care of your foot!  What is that issue?  eh, only 12-15 per day. it's really not that bad. the food here is just SO fatty!It just started to feel like strained the bridge of my foot and did something to my Achilles... but I'm sure it's fine. 
6. How cold is it? it's freezing. It was -3 the other day. We're just layering like none other. Primavera is just around the corner though, so we should be good soon!

PHOTOS-First day of school!
His OUTFIT!! OH i just wept tears of joy! He looks so good!!!! (Davis) 
Ryan and Ben are way too studly for Jr high,  lock them up!!
EMMI! You are such a doll. and so stylish! 

Thanks poppy! and thanks for your email. I want to read it and i´ll respond next week. love you so much! have a good week!

Rio Mendoza!

and jumping!

August 20, 2013- Q and A's and Photos .

 ¨Carrera de Atados¨(3 legged race!)

              Día del Niño Fiesta! It´s a big deal down here
Naoní! She is seriously the most perfect looking little girl!
Alan. Mi Amor! He is the son of an part member family! 
I want to bring him home!
My dearest family,
Let me just start off by saying that I am in tears in the ciber.
Slightly distracting. But I am so overwhelmed with love for all of
you. Thank you all (mom and granmom especially) for keeping me so
included with the ¨goings on¨in the family. The Griners have been on
my mind all week as I waited to hear more about their precious new
little. I love you all so much, and I can just feel the amazing love
that you all have for our little Vivee. I love her so much already,
and I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves her. God´s plan is so great, and
I know that He has amazing things planned for that little girl and for
their family. LIFE is beautiful.

So the rule has been that we HAD to speak Castellano in the streets,
but could speak English in the pensión. but yesterday during
interviews, Presidente told Hermana Keller that I ¨passed my exam¨...
which means that I know Castellano and am not allowed to speak English
anymore. 3 weeks in! I honestly wasn´t sure... but this language is
coming and it´s BEAUTIFUL!
sorry, had to brag to the momma for a minute! xoxoxo 

1. Does Dear Elder work where you are? Dear elders come every couple weeks, so yeah, those work too. I love you so much!
2. We are good, sooo busy getting ready for school! 
I´m sure!! When does school start? Are the boy´s cheeks back to normal?
3. Did you get a chance to answer the questions? Lice recipes etc? I 
don´t have lice. Thank the heavens. ... well, yet. We´ve been super careful.
Saw the photos of the boys after surgery! ohhhhoohoho I love you both so much! Your faces don´t even look that bad!!
How many wisdom teeth did you each have taken out? 
Asking to homecoming...Davis, just so you know, you got really lucky to have a mom that helps
you think of really cute ways to ask girls to dances! I can´t wait to
see pictures of you at homecoming!
Ryan, I hope you had a good 15! I thought of you all day. Love you bud!
I love you so very much ! 
Ciáo mama! Love you! 


Friday, August 23, 2013

August 20, 2013 - Esta todo bien!‏

Hola Familia,
I´ll spare you the ¨so much happened this week¨. But honestly, it´s
hard to put into words all of the emotions and happenings of the past
8 days. It´s always interesting to reflect on the things I´ve learned
every day of the past week.
This area is tough. But each day, I gain more love and appreciation
for the people here and the things they go through. This culture is SO
different. The church is true, the doctrine is the same, but the
applications, the learning curve, and the daily living are completely
different. Something I´ve thought a lot about this week is the effect
of our personal burdens in our lives. Each and every one of us has
something in life that is a burden. I see it with every person and
family that we teach, in my own efforts to learn a language and bring
souls to Christ, and at home with all of you. 
Some burdens are more
visible and apparent than others, but everyone has their ¨thing¨. But
the beauty is that we´re never alone, we have a loving Heavenly Father
who knows our limits, our capacities, and although sometimes he pushes
us, causing us to stretch more than we think is ¨possible¨he never
gives us more than we can handle. Elder L. Whitney Clayton said:
¨Burdens provide opportunities to practice virtues that contribute to
eventual perfection.¨
Little by little, day by day, we are tested, tried, refined and
reformed. We leave behind old attributes and acquire new ones that
allow us to become more like Him. How great is God´s plan??
We had 3 menos activos and 1 investigator at church on Sunday! It was
a MIRACLE! And the greater miracle was the attitude of love that the
members showed. Something that 2 weeks ago we thought was impossible.
Hermana Keller and I sat in the very back of Sunday school, and both
of us were fighting tears. There is still so much work to be done
here. But we´re seeing ripples, no waves, and for that I´m so
We had interviews with Presidente Avila yesterday. That man is a man
of God. He is incredible, and it seriously was like anticipating a
meeting with our ¨Papi¨.
He came a few days ago to talk with the branch presidents about the
area, because they were potentially thinking of combining them due to
the lack of attendances. But he told me yesterday that he is so
impressed with the things that are happening in this area. He said
¨This is why I sent you hermanas here. You have a love that no one
else could give these people. It is still going to be hard, and it´s
going to take time. But never have I seen miracles like this happen in
just 3 weeks. Ever. Don´t doubt that your efforts are making a
difference. This branch is going to flourish, things are changing,
even if you can´t always see them.¨This was seriously the biggest
relief. We have been working and working, and some days it seems like
you just go in circles and no one is listening. I have this tendency
to think results will come overnight. Loco, right?
President David O. McKay said: ¨The rich rewards come only to the
strenuous strugglers.¨We are promised so much, if we endure, and we
endure it well. Trials come, heartbreak happens, but in the end, the
faithful will be victorious!
Let us all live worthy to say as Paul did: ¨ I have fought a good
fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith!¨ 
I love you all more than words.
Esta semana que viene.
Les Quiero, MUCHISIMO!
xoxox Your Hermana Cox

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013-¨Sed de buen ánimo!¨ ( ¨Be of good cheer!¨)

Hola my beautiful family!! 
So this week has been another one for the books! It amazes me how much
happens in just seven little days! and with this being my first whole
week in Argentina, I have no idea where to start, so bear with me!
basically to start out the week, we set goals and decided to just
really tackle the menos activos.
The people here are so wonderful!!! Each house we go to, each family
we teach, I fall more and more in love with them!
We spent time with so many of the amazing families in the branch this
week, and I want to bring all of the littles home with me. (the kids
of course, not the lice). We met several new people this week, and
have a great, full week of walking and teaching planned. 
One of my favorite experiences from this week was with a woman named
Estela! We had been out all day running from appointment to
appointment, and nothing was going through. It was getting dark, but
we didn´t feel satisfied to go home, so we decided to go to the only
neighborhood with lights. We talked to several really great people,
and then we came to a house with a lady in the back yard. We stopped
and started talking to her. She told us that she lost her husband, two
daughters, and a grandson in a car accident 2 years ago, and has been
really struggling and looking for answers. She told us that she´s been
to all of the churches, but no one has helped her find her answer. My
brain just screamed ¨We have it!!¨ We talked about the Plan of
Salvación, and she loved it. I bore testimony of how we won´t always
understand why challenges and trials happen, but that there is hope,
and that the Lord will never leave us lonely. At the end she said she
wanted to learn more, and even told me that I speak beautifully
(that´s called the spirit..) We set up a return appointment for
tonight, and I´m SO excited to go teach her!! 
We´ve really noticed that there is a strange feeling of
¨disunity¨with the members here, and due to our very low numbers of
those who actually attend, we wanted to figure out how we could help
to bring them back to the fold. Well, let me start by saying, that has
turned out to be a bigger task than we had ever dreamed.
Their testimonies are so strong, and they are so humble and giving.
The only problem is that we couldn´t seem to figure out why they
weren´t coming to church.
It´s hard to come into a place where everyone thinks they say they
know ¨exactly who you are and what you want¨, and THEY want nothing to
do with you.
But if there´s anything I´ve learned from my mission it´s the
importance of showing people love, and showing them that you´re there
FOR THEM. not because it´s your job.
I think I kind of asked for this, when I was in Washington we had a
lesson on talents, and Hermana Cooley said that I had a talent of
loving people..... at that time I agreed, because since my mission,
I´ve worked to really develop charity for people. But honestly, loving
people is NOT always easy. Especially when they push so hard to make
you feel that they don´t want to be loved. But that, along with a lot
of other things, is what these people really need. The love of the
Lord works miracles, his plan is perfect, and as members of this
church we have been promised so many amazing blessings. 
I was reading the conference Liahona again and I read the talk
by Elder Bruce D. Porter. I LOVE this talk!
He starts out by talking about we know that we live in a world where
there is a lot of trial, hardship, and grief. But along with that, ¨we
have great reason to rejoice!¨We live in the fullness of times! We
have the gospel! And that, puts us miles ahead. He says (forgive my
quotes, I´m translating from Spanish) ¨We shouldn´t fear the future,
or allow our hope and joy to falter, because the Lord is with us!¨ To
the saints of his church, the Lord says ¨Sed de buen ánimo!¨ or ¨Be of
good cheer!¨ and do not fear. for I, the Lord, and with you!
We all have problems, and just because we´re members of the church
doesn´t mean that those problems will disappear. BUT, we have the Lord
on our side, and when we seek his guidance, and put our trust in him.
He will never leave us helpless. He will help us to withstand the
storms of mortality. Brigham Young said: ¨With the gospel, there has
never been a moment when I haven´t understood that everything that
happens will be for my benefit.¨All things will come together for my
At the end of the talk, he tells of one of his roommates in college
who was always optimistic. He said one day as he was walking in the
midst of a fierce Provo storm, he was seen walking with his arms
raised high, singing the song from Oklahoma: ¨Oh, what a beautiful
morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! I´ve got a beautiful feeling,
everything´s going my way!¨
He says something along the lines of: ¨Even in a world full of sorrow,
we as Latter-day Saints can also sing with joy. We can rejoice in
knowing that a beautiful morning awaits us.¨ Christ lives! He is my
Savior and Redeemer. The Lord loves his children, and wants us all to
stand strong, live faithfully, and maintain the hope of that bright
and beautiful morning that we have been promised if we put our faith
in him.
I know this church is the true church of God on the earth today, and
that we have so much to rejoice about. I count my blessings every day
that I get these 18 months to help others to embrace these same
Oh, I love you all! Thank you for all you do and are. 
Esta semana que viene!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Cox

August 12, 2013 - Q and A's of the week!

1.What do you do for the lice down there? Makell said that she saw a recipe with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil to get rid of lice. I will try and track on some recipes and see if I can get it too you! Please do track on the lice recipe. The only thing people said down here is garlic, but that smell will NEVER come out of my hair.
2.Tell us about the people and the countryside! The people here are...AMAZING! I´m seriously in love with so many of them. The church here is STRUGGLING though. I have never
encountered so much hatred, scandal and hardness. Those sound like
dramatic words, but it honestly is like nothing we´ve ever seen.
Nothing we were trained for. We have been warned time and time again
that we have a very special work to do here.
3.Did you really have something moving in your food and what was it? Haha yeah, a few things. They eat all the parts of everything here,and there isn´t refrigeration, so...who knows what it was and I still have no idea. I just chewed quickly and swallowed to get it off my tongue.
4.Do you have hot water or clean water? Umm, the answer to that is... ish...The water heater in our pensión is broken... so most of our showers are met with shrieking. Sometimes our water turns brown... so I just use my filter bottle, and most of the people feed us bottled water, so it should be okay.
5.Would you rather:fight one horse sized duck or ten duck sized horses?(Ry) Horse sized duck. duh. Then I´d tame it and ride it. Cowgirl dream come alive! How ¨sick¨would that be?? Love you brother.

This is one of the houses in the nicer part of our area. 
I love all the clotheslines everywhere!!
Laundry in the kitchen sink, 
and hanging them to dry in the front room. Yep. 
The Mountains here are so gorgeous!
pictures don´t do them justice!
The Limachi family from Bolivia! 
They are great!
Keila and Naoní! Love them!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 - HOLA from ARROYO CLARO, Argentina!

Leaving Seattle-After finding out we got our visas/had to pack/close our area/everything else,
guess my brain was a little fried, I literally walked out the door with two different shoes?

View from President pension.

My cute comp! La Hermana Keller!

Nuestra casa!

Not bad!

Wow, I can´t believe I finally get to say that!
So obviously a lot has happened in the last two weeks.
It was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be to leave Washington. I really found a place in my heart for the people there, and it was especially emotional knowing that we had to close the area we´d worked so hard to grow. Only because they didn´t have housing for more Spanish sisters. But, seeds are planted, there are connections being made, and The Lord has a grand plan for the people there, I know it!
We left Seattle on Monday morning, arrived in Atlanta, where we met dozens of other missionaries on their way down to Argentina. Four of us from our original district were reunited, and there was definitely a buzz of excitement as the moment we´d all been waiting so long had finally arrived.
The flights were....long. and no one really slept. We arrived in Buenos Aires mid-morning on Tuesday, and then we were whisked away to the mission office there to await further instructions. We filed papers, got some tips, and then had lunch. Then they stuck 12 of us on a bus with some guy, and off we went. He wasn´t a member, didn´t speak English, and frankly, we had no idea where we were going. and, neither did he. we drove around for hours stopping every once in a while for him to ask directions and take a smoke break. We all just kept counting our blessings that we were together. We ended up at some public office where we were asked to fill out papers, and give all kinds of personal info, we all felt like we were signing our lives away. eek.
Then we were herded back onto the bus, and ended up at the airport. Finally, Mendoza bound. 

We finally arrived in Mendoza at about 9:30 Tuesday night, and President and Hermana Avila met us at the airport. Can I just say, they are FANTASTIC! I loved them instantly!
We had dinner at their penthouse that night, and then stayed at a hotel near the misison home. The next morning we went to get instructions and find out who our new companions would be.
My new companion is Hermana Keller, she´s a native of Buenos Aires, with a German dad and a Japanese mom. AND, she learned English from Britney Spears. HA!
She speaks beautiful Castellano, and we are seriously so alike it´s scary! She has Chrons, so the food thing, we just battle it together. it´s nice to have someone who understands and can help me work the system. So don´t worry mom, I´m not starving!

We hopped on another bus to our area, which is in the city of Tunuyán. Our area is mostly ¨country¨ which really it turns out is just code for ¨has absolutely NO lights!¨ so the work is interesting, we have to work our schedule a little differently in order to make the most of the daylight hours.
This area has only ever had elders! We´re the very first hermanas, ever. Which, to be honest, we know why....
Our apartment is named Sebastiana, and it´s actually really nice. we don´t really have hot water, or a heater, but it´s big, and has a door that locks! Due to the fact that it´s only ever housed elders, we had to spend quite a bit of time putting some love (and a lot of scrubbing) to even make it liveable. But it´s home now, and we like it.

So... the work here. It´s... extremely different. Like I said, our area is extremely spread out, very poor, and to be honest, a little sketch. But. The capilla here is huge! and super nice. La rama split not too long ago, and so there was a substantial amount of members....notice that word WAS. We met with the president our first night here, and he told us that there are over 500 members in the branch... living somewhere out there...but they only have about 30 that attend...on a good day. So, we´ve got our work cut out for us as far as reactivation goes. 
There are a lot of hard feelings, and a lot of ¨reasons¨why people have chosen to go inactive... but honestly it just comes down to helping them ¨keep that fire burning¨and reminding them of their testimonies. We´ve met with several families this week, and they´re great people. They just have kind of lost sight of the things that are most important. 

President Avila told Hermana Keller before we came that he was sending us to one of the toughest areas. He told her that things here have been a little corrupta, and that it needed a different flare. Welp, we´re working hard to figure out what that is.... I´ve never been so tired in my life. physically, mentally, spiritually. We walk, ALOT. la pensión is out of our area. and there seriously is just so much to do and cover and fix. but un día a la vez. one day at a time.

This week in my Book of Mormon reading, I read Mosiah 4. I love King Benjamin. But this chapter talks a lot about our roles in this life, as members of the church, as brothers and sisters, as children of God. We have so much to be thankful for. And ¨with great (blessings) comes great responsibility¨. We have the priviledge of loving, serving, and uplifting one another. Without that structure, the church doesn´t function. I´ve never known how true that was until now.

I´ve never had such a strong feeling of gratitude for all that we have there in Utah. Our house is a palace! Clean water is a blessing, hot water is a luxury. Knowing that there will always be food on the table is something that I will never take for granted. Knowing that there´s something moving in my food is something I can definitely go without knowing. Families are everything, and the eternal kind is the only kind for me. There are a lot of dark and scary things in this world, but we have the light that can conquer it all. The church is true, no matter where you are in the world. The people are different, and everyone has their problems. But one thing I will always know to be true is that Christ lives! He is the Savior of the world, and his grace is sufficient for us all! I love this gospel and I thank my Heavenly Father every day, ten times a day, for the opportunity he has given me to be his missionary. 

I love you all, and although I´m half way around the world, I can feel of your love and prayers. They keep me going. And I hope that you can feel them all being sent right back!
Until next week.
Les Quiero!
Your Hermana Cox

August 5, 2013-Good bye's in Seattle and Q and A's about Argentina!

Last photos of Seattle and them off to Argentina!

la familia Arumbula!
Making Mole in little Mexico 
 Briana! Love this little girl!
gardening with Jose

Q and A's of the week

1.How does the Dear elder(sister) mail work in Argentina? have you heard if that is a good way to get mail?  Dear Elders do work i believe, but we´re really far from the mission office, so i´m not sure how often we´ll get them! But send them anyway :)
2.What is Argentina like? where you are staying, the people,companion, weather, food(how many days have you used papaya thus far etcArgentina is....CRAZY!  sometimes I still can´t believe I´m actually here! The work here is SO different than it is in the states. but I know that with time we will get the hang of it. 
3.How was the travel there and how did you travel? plane then what? It took us 2 1/2 ish days to get here. needless to say we were all very sleep deprived, dirty, and a little confused. But mostly just stoked to finally be here!
4.Did you have a way to stay in touch with the two little girls from Seattle?  I´m hoping to be able to email some of the people in Seattle, but the thing is most of them don´t have access to that luxury. I was so sad to leave... I left a piece of my heart there for sure!
5.Hows the language? ARGENTINE SPANISH IS NOT SPANISH. I knew how to have lessons and talk to people in the states, but here is a totally different story. I´ve gotten a nice dish of humble pie. And at the end of each day I can literally feel my brain trying to process each thing. One day. 

 I love you all!


Oh how I love these girls!
August 5, 2013 - Email conversation with Courtney


Yay!, Hi, I am just reading your letter so I will have an idea of what has been happening in your world.  I love ya.  Sent a letter from the kids via dear elder last night. so look for that.  Let me know if you don’t get it and I will email it too!

MAMI !!! Como estas??

muy bien, e too?  that's not correct but?? Where are you emailing from? FOOD???  Are you healthy and how are you sleeping and in what?
haha y tu? but good job mama. I´m emailing from a ciber (cyber cafe). ummm... well food is pretty good for the most part. Hermana Keller and I are making it work. I´ll send you pictures. I don´t have a ton yet.
So far I´m healthy... we might have lice. ha. and yesterday we ate some REALLY sketchy food.
But my stomach is a rock so far....
My sleeping bag is working wonders. seriously saves my life. our pensiòn has ZERO heat, and surprise, Arroyo Claro is the coldest part of Mendoza.
I´m seriously so good though. it´s so hard. Washington was a playground!

Do you have to pay for computer time?
Did you have enough money to get done there?
How does that work for food and such?  Do you prepare your own food or do people cook for you?
Are you on foot always or what is the other mode of transportation?
Do you feel safe where you are?
Yeah, we do. but it´s not too expensive.
We have lunches with member families almost every day of the week, we´re still working on them. There literally aren´t enough families....
We have to go shopping several times a week, no refrigeration really, and food spoils easily.
We´re on foot…oh, we´re on foot. 15 ish miles per day.
Um, honestly, no. But, the Lord knows what he´s doing, and we´re gaining friendship, trust, and protection. It´s just... different. I know we´ll be safe.
I stick out like a sore thumb here. We get stopped all the time and people ask if I´m an American model. ha! I just need to learn Castellano better and then we´ll be fine.

Fun photos, You look so cute!  What’s up with two different shoes?  Crazy day?
Yeah I literally must have just been struggling. I left the house with two completely different shoes.

you are in good company!  I have done that!  Did you travel like that?  are you almost out of time?

Oh well. No, that was our second to last day in WA. Yeah, logging off. Love you, love you, love you!

I will for sure look forward to this time on Mondays!!! Next Monday the 12th Davis and Ryan are getting their wisdom teeth out.  Not sure what time yet, but I will have my email on my phone by my side!

Okay perfect!! Give everyone big hugs for me!
I love you all!