Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013 - Q and A's of the week!

1.What do you do for the lice down there? Makell said that she saw a recipe with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil to get rid of lice. I will try and track on some recipes and see if I can get it too you! Please do track on the lice recipe. The only thing people said down here is garlic, but that smell will NEVER come out of my hair.
2.Tell us about the people and the countryside! The people here are...AMAZING! I´m seriously in love with so many of them. The church here is STRUGGLING though. I have never
encountered so much hatred, scandal and hardness. Those sound like
dramatic words, but it honestly is like nothing we´ve ever seen.
Nothing we were trained for. We have been warned time and time again
that we have a very special work to do here.
3.Did you really have something moving in your food and what was it? Haha yeah, a few things. They eat all the parts of everything here,and there isn´t refrigeration, so...who knows what it was and I still have no idea. I just chewed quickly and swallowed to get it off my tongue.
4.Do you have hot water or clean water? Umm, the answer to that is... ish...The water heater in our pensión is broken... so most of our showers are met with shrieking. Sometimes our water turns brown... so I just use my filter bottle, and most of the people feed us bottled water, so it should be okay.
5.Would you rather:fight one horse sized duck or ten duck sized horses?(Ry) Horse sized duck. duh. Then I´d tame it and ride it. Cowgirl dream come alive! How ¨sick¨would that be?? Love you brother.

This is one of the houses in the nicer part of our area. 
I love all the clotheslines everywhere!!
Laundry in the kitchen sink, 
and hanging them to dry in the front room. Yep. 
The Mountains here are so gorgeous!
pictures don´t do them justice!
The Limachi family from Bolivia! 
They are great!
Keila and Naoní! Love them!

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