Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013-Good bye's in Seattle and Q and A's about Argentina!

Last photos of Seattle and them off to Argentina!

la familia Arumbula!
Making Mole in little Mexico 
 Briana! Love this little girl!
gardening with Jose

Q and A's of the week

1.How does the Dear elder(sister) mail work in Argentina? have you heard if that is a good way to get mail?  Dear Elders do work i believe, but we´re really far from the mission office, so i´m not sure how often we´ll get them! But send them anyway :)
2.What is Argentina like? where you are staying, the people,companion, weather, food(how many days have you used papaya thus far etcArgentina is....CRAZY!  sometimes I still can´t believe I´m actually here! The work here is SO different than it is in the states. but I know that with time we will get the hang of it. 
3.How was the travel there and how did you travel? plane then what? It took us 2 1/2 ish days to get here. needless to say we were all very sleep deprived, dirty, and a little confused. But mostly just stoked to finally be here!
4.Did you have a way to stay in touch with the two little girls from Seattle?  I´m hoping to be able to email some of the people in Seattle, but the thing is most of them don´t have access to that luxury. I was so sad to leave... I left a piece of my heart there for sure!
5.Hows the language? ARGENTINE SPANISH IS NOT SPANISH. I knew how to have lessons and talk to people in the states, but here is a totally different story. I´ve gotten a nice dish of humble pie. And at the end of each day I can literally feel my brain trying to process each thing. One day. 

 I love you all!


Oh how I love these girls!
August 5, 2013 - Email conversation with Courtney


Yay!, Hi, I am just reading your letter so I will have an idea of what has been happening in your world.  I love ya.  Sent a letter from the kids via dear elder last night. so look for that.  Let me know if you don’t get it and I will email it too!

MAMI !!! Como estas??

muy bien, e too?  that's not correct but?? Where are you emailing from? FOOD???  Are you healthy and how are you sleeping and in what?
haha y tu? but good job mama. I´m emailing from a ciber (cyber cafe). ummm... well food is pretty good for the most part. Hermana Keller and I are making it work. I´ll send you pictures. I don´t have a ton yet.
So far I´m healthy... we might have lice. ha. and yesterday we ate some REALLY sketchy food.
But my stomach is a rock so far....
My sleeping bag is working wonders. seriously saves my life. our pensiòn has ZERO heat, and surprise, Arroyo Claro is the coldest part of Mendoza.
I´m seriously so good though. it´s so hard. Washington was a playground!

Do you have to pay for computer time?
Did you have enough money to get done there?
How does that work for food and such?  Do you prepare your own food or do people cook for you?
Are you on foot always or what is the other mode of transportation?
Do you feel safe where you are?
Yeah, we do. but it´s not too expensive.
We have lunches with member families almost every day of the week, we´re still working on them. There literally aren´t enough families....
We have to go shopping several times a week, no refrigeration really, and food spoils easily.
We´re on foot…oh, we´re on foot. 15 ish miles per day.
Um, honestly, no. But, the Lord knows what he´s doing, and we´re gaining friendship, trust, and protection. It´s just... different. I know we´ll be safe.
I stick out like a sore thumb here. We get stopped all the time and people ask if I´m an American model. ha! I just need to learn Castellano better and then we´ll be fine.

Fun photos, You look so cute!  What’s up with two different shoes?  Crazy day?
Yeah I literally must have just been struggling. I left the house with two completely different shoes.

you are in good company!  I have done that!  Did you travel like that?  are you almost out of time?

Oh well. No, that was our second to last day in WA. Yeah, logging off. Love you, love you, love you!

I will for sure look forward to this time on Mondays!!! Next Monday the 12th Davis and Ryan are getting their wisdom teeth out.  Not sure what time yet, but I will have my email on my phone by my side!

Okay perfect!! Give everyone big hugs for me!
I love you all!

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