Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Q and A's

Good morning, just up starting the new school year with everyone!  Wahoooooo!  Clothes set out, backpacks full of supplies, sock and shoes found, lunch money for some, packed lunch for Em. Schedules taped to binders, locker combo memorized.  It was like Christmas Eve going to bed last night. Davis is thrilled to be a senior and going to school.   Everyone up and moving so far this morning,  Just taking Carpool to Centennial Junior High! Ben says hi and Ryan says Happy birthday? They are both excited and nervous. I sure love and miss you.
Hi this is Emmi, It's my first day of school! I am wearing a cute pink, green and yellow dress with yellow leggings!  And oh, silver shoes!
I am sure you look so cute! I LOVE you so much! I can't believe you're in 4th grade!! Have so much fun!
I hope you all know how in awe I am at technology. Maybe Em doesn't realize or appreciate it, but do you realize I'm halfway around the world and just got told what color her shoes are?? That's pretty cool!
1. Are you feeling like you are eating okay and going to stay healthy week after week? apparently I'm eating fine.. I'm so fat!!  I'm healthy though, yes.
2.Can you shop for any thing but food? we barely have enough money for food. Hermana Keller has been in and out of the hospital, so we're not allowed to eat with members anymore, but we have a senior couple that is going to start buying gluten free friendly food for us in Mendoza and bring it to us so we should be good. 
3. Why do you barely have enough money for food?  Are you giving the members money to buy GF food?  What is fresh that you can eat? Because we've been living on "regular people" funds, buying Gf food which is SO expensive out here in the middle of no where. No President is giving them extra money for the people who are on dietary restriction.  He takes such good care of us.  We try to eat fresh fruits and veggies when possible.  I'm really fine mom, I'm plump. Be careful and don't hurt it any more.  Walk, lots of veggies and 100 each sit-ups and leg lifts every day??okay doctor mom :) my body is still just adjusting i think.  everything here is so new...
4.  How are your shoes and all the walking?I've been having some problems with my foot...but the toms seem to be helping that just fine. best decision ever and the good news is that once summer hits here, toms are huge, and cheap. So i should be set.
5. Good you are walking so much!  Take care of your foot!  What is that issue?  eh, only 12-15 per day. it's really not that bad. the food here is just SO fatty!It just started to feel like strained the bridge of my foot and did something to my Achilles... but I'm sure it's fine. 
6. How cold is it? it's freezing. It was -3 the other day. We're just layering like none other. Primavera is just around the corner though, so we should be good soon!

PHOTOS-First day of school!
His OUTFIT!! OH i just wept tears of joy! He looks so good!!!! (Davis) 
Ryan and Ben are way too studly for Jr high,  lock them up!!
EMMI! You are such a doll. and so stylish! 

Thanks poppy! and thanks for your email. I want to read it and i´ll respond next week. love you so much! have a good week!

Rio Mendoza!

and jumping!

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