Monday, August 26, 2013

August 20, 2013- Q and A's and Photos .

 ¨Carrera de Atados¨(3 legged race!)

              Día del Niño Fiesta! It´s a big deal down here
Naoní! She is seriously the most perfect looking little girl!
Alan. Mi Amor! He is the son of an part member family! 
I want to bring him home!
My dearest family,
Let me just start off by saying that I am in tears in the ciber.
Slightly distracting. But I am so overwhelmed with love for all of
you. Thank you all (mom and granmom especially) for keeping me so
included with the ¨goings on¨in the family. The Griners have been on
my mind all week as I waited to hear more about their precious new
little. I love you all so much, and I can just feel the amazing love
that you all have for our little Vivee. I love her so much already,
and I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves her. God´s plan is so great, and
I know that He has amazing things planned for that little girl and for
their family. LIFE is beautiful.

So the rule has been that we HAD to speak Castellano in the streets,
but could speak English in the pensión. but yesterday during
interviews, Presidente told Hermana Keller that I ¨passed my exam¨...
which means that I know Castellano and am not allowed to speak English
anymore. 3 weeks in! I honestly wasn´t sure... but this language is
coming and it´s BEAUTIFUL!
sorry, had to brag to the momma for a minute! xoxoxo 

1. Does Dear Elder work where you are? Dear elders come every couple weeks, so yeah, those work too. I love you so much!
2. We are good, sooo busy getting ready for school! 
I´m sure!! When does school start? Are the boy´s cheeks back to normal?
3. Did you get a chance to answer the questions? Lice recipes etc? I 
don´t have lice. Thank the heavens. ... well, yet. We´ve been super careful.
Saw the photos of the boys after surgery! ohhhhoohoho I love you both so much! Your faces don´t even look that bad!!
How many wisdom teeth did you each have taken out? 
Asking to homecoming...Davis, just so you know, you got really lucky to have a mom that helps
you think of really cute ways to ask girls to dances! I can´t wait to
see pictures of you at homecoming!
Ryan, I hope you had a good 15! I thought of you all day. Love you bud!
I love you so very much ! 
Ciáo mama! Love you! 


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