Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Estrellitas y Puntos Grises‏(Stars and Grey Dots!)

¡Hola Mi Hermosa Familia!
This last week was admittedly one of the longer ones so far...but also at the same time was another one full of miracles. We only had about 3 full days of working, my poor compañera has been sick all week. We're actually on our way to Mendoza again today to go to the medico. 
Wednesday we came back from Mendoza round 1, and we only had a few hours of daylight, but we decided to make them count. We pounded the pavement in one neighborhood, and found 3 amazing new investigators!!
First, there's Enrique. He's actually Estela's grandson! He was in the accident with the rest of the family, and is the only survivor. He's had to cope with a lot the last few years. He had major head trauma, is missing part of his cranial bone, and one side of his face is completely destroyed. He told us that he'd actually met someone from the church. About a month ago, he was at the gym by our chapel, and he said he always liked to stop outside, but it was always locked. One day he saw someone coming out, a man from our branch, and he asked him what it was like inside. Hermano Gil invited him to church to find out for himself. Long story short, we invited him to be baptized, he accepted, he came to church yesterday, and we had a lesson last night! Hermano Gil had already told him quite a bit. We are planning his baptism for the 7th of September!! He is stellar, and seriously so prepared! Es un milagro!
Estela is on date for that same day, and it will be cool to watch them make this change together!
We found another FAMILY! Antonio y Fabiana. They aren't married...yet. but they are working on it, and they have 8 kids. 4 his 4 hers. 7 of which are above baptismal age!! Antonio is a gem! So spiritual, and is going to be the link. And they are reading el Libro de Mormón! They've both been through a lot, and the gospel is going to bless their family so much! 
We've been working all week to reign in the effects of La Tormenta Blanca that we had last week. Our whole zone came and spent 3 hours contacting people in the streets and putting people en fecha for baptism. So right now, we have 66 new investigators, and 34 of them are on date for baptism. it's insanity, as you can imagine. There literally are not enough hours in the day! But we're seeing so many blessings, and it never ceases to amaze me the way that the Lord puts people in our path. He is so aware of his children and their needs! 
Then, one of our most difficult and stubborn menos activo families came to church yesterday!! Milagros! 
I gave my first talk in sacrament this week, and the topic they gave me was "desarrollamos nuestros talentos" (developing our talents). Really it was a good one for me. I've thought a lot about that since being on a mission. I told the story about Punchinello, "Tu eres especial!" and everyone loved it! They don't have that story down here. The story of the Wemmicks is a perfect comparison with the people here. Really for all of us. We're quick to give people estrellitas y puntos grises (stars and dots). But the beauty and brilliance in each of us and the organization of the church is that each of us has something specifically unique to offer the world! Honestly the power that comes with that, works miracles. 
All you need is love!
I hope that this finds you all well. Good luck starting school today everyone! Take lots of pictures!
Hasta luego!
Con mucho amor,
xoxo Your Hermana C

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