Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 2,2013-It´s always darkest just before the dawn.‏

It´s September?? Che! Time is seriously flying! But honestly this week didn´t feel that way. 
I have never been so time-warped in my life! 
So my brain is scattered with all of the incredibly amazing, emotional, hard, miracle-ish things that I have to tell you about this week.
This week was definitely one of the hardest, for lots of reasons. We spent another 4 days back and forth to Mendoza to try and figure out the best ¨plan of action¨ for my poor compy. The other hermanas and I finally put our feet down, no more pretending that she´s not sick. It´s been good to finally get some of the answers she needs, I´m getting some good nursing practice in, but honestly I would rather not have to say that. 
The other days this week we couldn´t really plan for, not knowing where we´d be. But we decided to focus hard on finding new people to teach, and getting referrals. We pounded the pavement harder than we have for a few weeks, but NO ONE wanted to listen to us. We would come home to the pensión every night, and honestly our numbers were pathetic. But we just decided to keep working. Diligence, right?
Throughout the week we had lessons with Fabiana and Antonio, who are GREAT! I love them so much. They are just solid, good people, they´ve got some kinks to work through, like everyone, but I have faith they´ll continue to progress.
Greatest news of course is Enrique!! Oh, he is GOLDEN. He´s now had all the lessons, and everything in between. He is praying faithfully, and reading the Book of Mormon. He is so prepared it´s crazy. He just has so much faith, and everything that he´s been through in his life has really helped him to have a desire to come unto Christ. He came to church yesterday, and was just glowing! He was welcomed with open arms, and then proudly announced that he is going to be baptized Saturday at 6:30, and invited everyone. Then, after church, he told us that he was going  to go ¨track down¨ Hermano Gil, and find out why he didn´t come to church. He is already excited to get the priesthood, and we told him he´s already starting to be a missionary. Holy Cow, the kid is just amazing! 
Yesterday was definitely one of the most memorable days of my mission so far! We went and got Enrique for church, and then when we arrived, the building was so full of people! The first people we saw when we walked in the door was the Contador family. A less active family that we´ve really been working with the last few weeks. They have 3 kids, only 1 was baptized, but they are just lovely. Anyway, we went by Friday just to check in, and she told us: ¨hermanas, I just want you to know. I appreciate you, and honestly I love you. You can come eat, and share messages with us whenever you want, our door is always open, but I´m not ready to go to church. I don´t NEED to go to church. and when I need it, I´ll go, but for now, no.¨ We left a little disappointed, but just determined to keep loving them. We don´t know what changed, but THEY ALL CAME!
Relief Society was FULL, Sunday School was FULL, and the official count in Sacrament Meeting was 69!!! 69!! That count is up from the 18 that we had our first week here! We had 3 investigators, Enrique, Maria, and Silvana. And then 7 menos activos families that came!!! Some of them hadn´t been to church for over 10 years, and they came!
Fast and testimony meeting was Amazing! And we even had a baby blessing of Maria´s grandson, from their part-member family. 
We got a call from Elder Ence this morning, telling us that President is just ¨bubbling¨ with excitement for the things that are happening here. The work is moving forward.

My heart has never been so full of Love and appreciation for the hand of the Lord in this, His work. I always laugh at how many ups and downs I can have in just a single day. But I have a testimony of the ¨diamond in contrast to the black background¨ theory. All of the trials, rainy days, doors in the face, and frustration. It´s a test of our faith, our diligence, our willingness to endure. Not saying that I have that figured out perfectly yet, I´m reminded daily that reality is quite the opposite. But I love this work. Every part of it. The good, the bad, and the really bad. 
The Lord knows his children. He knows who they are, where to put them, and what they need. I honestly feel like I´ve done nothing to deserve the miracles that we´ve seen. He is the master planner, and I know more than ever that I am just being given the privilege of being an instrument in his hands.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your prayers, ¨air hugs¨, and pep talks. You all mean the world to me. 

Cuídense Mucho!
Con Mi Amor, 
Your Hermana C

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