Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 - Q & A's

1. What type of fruit are you eating? we eat apples, pears, and mandarinas constantly.
2. How do you keep running into Hermana Cooley? Conferences, in the terminal during transfers, we just seriously see each other everywhere. it´s great!
3. Do you ever speak English, when and where? Yeah, we speak it in the pensión. Hermana Lybbert and I are really trying to eliminate English though. Plus our whole district is now gringos except for one elder, ha pobrecito. So there are some English exchanges. We´re focusing on more Castellano.
4. Did you open your "one-year-mark card?"(can you believe it?) Time FLIES. it honestly freaks me out. We have a pact not to think about it though, so we try not to.
5. Do you think shoe inserts would help the shoe situation? I´m not really sure. I have a serious bruise right now from trying to be cool and jump...not smart.. my toes are also like sausages, but my toms are the greatest!
6. How does rubios mean Blondie's, it looks like it means red. Yeah, Castellano..... Peliroja is redhead. my hair is really more of a caramel color now.
7. Does Hermana Lybbert know any of the areas that you served in in Washington yeah, she laughed too when I told her that we did Spanish in May Valley. 
8. How has it been going with Antonia and La Familia Ibaseta?  They are.... well, we´re struggling with them a little bit. I´ve never been so frustrated. Agency man.
9. Will you get to watch or listen to conference this next weekend?  YESS!! We are so excited for conference! We´re going to the stake center to get it broadcast in English. Plus we have several investigator families that are hopefully going, and also we´re having our baptism in between sessions!! 

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