Friday, September 13, 2013

September 9 2013 - Photos

Our district sports day

Ping pong was good. The elders were worse than we were though. 
so our "around the world" didn't last long. 

Lice Check-I am lice free so far. 

My very first asado....and done by a gringo!!It was chicken and beef...I think. 
The chicken was green though... eww. 


So one day the lock broke to our apartment, and we got trapped inside... the assistants had to come all the way from Mendoza to rescue the trapped Hermanas. Embarrassing. 
Never a dull moment.
The "safety" bars are no longer!

Ever been so tired you fall asleep in any possible position?
I was trying to pray, and they wouldn't let me. 
yeah, I fell asleep while they were talking, 
They thought it was fun to take a photo.

So apparently the water in Tunuyan has lots of chloro in it.  
Ha! The Chilean's hair turns red, too. By the end of the summer I´ll be a blondie!

Pig the size of a motorcycle. Real life.

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