Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 - Q and A's plus photos

1. Where did you get the GF empanadas? Were they yummy?  We MADE them! I´m so Argentine, i know. Yeah they were way yumm.
2. Who is your Mission Pres and where are they from and do they do a blog ? or anything like that? Our President is Presidente Avila. He´s from Buenas Aires. remember? Yeah, I think they have a blog.. . . . not sure how well it´s kept up though...
3. Do you have any technology like ipads and phones down there?  nope! we are lucky to get a brick cell phone, and a working cyber. ha just the way i like it.
4. Do you feel safe where you are now?  Can't wait to see photos  ummmmm... yeah, mom. Ha 
we´re safe. We´re missionaries, and for some reason, the local dogs love my accent.. or something. So we always have a little pack of protection. ha I´m the dog whisperer apparently.
What do you whisper to the dogs?I just say hola, ask them what´s up, tell them I´ll love them if they don´t eat me. it works...
5. New companion etc?  My new companion is Hermana Lybbert. She is from Washington, and she is fantastic. She´s learning with me. She´s got 6 weeks, too. We came together on the plane.We´re working hard. Finally, and seeing lots of miracles!
6. Are you eating with members in the new area?no we don´t have meals with members... yet. 
We´re going to work on that. I found a scripture in Alma 8:20-22. Feeding missionaries is a blessing. haha 
Did you get my letters in the mail, I sent them red bag. Yes we got your letters.  It was so fun.  I loved having something to hold from you! We will write back this week hard copy and mail them. YEAH! I´m so glad they made it to you! I sent them through pouch/ red bag.
7. Still to the address you gave me, right and packages too now that you have transferred, is it the same.  yeah, the address is the same for the whole mission. They´ll just get it to us sometime. 
We´re in San Juan, which is the furthest thing from any civilization of the mission. woo! Sorry I´m trying to give details, but I don´t have time to write everyone and write a letter for the blog.
middle of nowhere meaning 4 hours from Mendoza, and we drove though miles and miles of NOTHING to get out here. 
8. Is the pres and wife the only ones that you have had ?  Were they new when you got there? Yeah, president will be here until next July, and then I´ll have a new one for my last few months here.
9. Did you get the photos? You are all so cute! and all so lean and tall looking. Maybe something to do with the fact that all I see around me are the tops of heads?So funny story, I kept standing next to Davis and Ryan...and Ben thinking that they were growing and growing! Just went to the doctor the other day to look at this thing with my knee and hip and they measured me at 5 foot 71/2 ??? Yes, I had them measure twice. Same.  Dad measured me when I got home and I came in at 5 ft 81/, I had to break it to the boys that they weren't growing...I was shrinking!  Weird. Starting vball tonight. missing you...and your height!  Hope I can still block and hit being only 5ft 8 1/2 Emoji
NO WAY!! oh my ha that´s hilarious!I miss volleyball, honestly.  Everyone here loves soccer.
I´m sure you´ll still kill it, but take care of yourself. You´ll be short as Grandma Trump by the time I get home at this rate!

Enrique, Hermana Keller and Me!

Saying goodbye to district!
View from my window every morning. Perfection?
                                         San Juan
Our pet tortuga!!! (the members next door)

Guess who again!

not a whole lot going on in the streets of San Juan during siesta...
 which is from 1pm til 6pm!

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