Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013 - Q and A's and photos

1. What CAN happen during the 1-6 siesta time? Do people sleep for that long each day? Well, we try to find people, but honestly it´s kind of eerie how empty the streets are!
2.  Does you pack of protecting dogs take a siesta too? Do they have names?(SIDE NOTE)  I had to laugh when you wrote what you said to the dogs and I just had a flash back of when you were around 3-4 years old and on the playground. You would walk up to any one and I think any thing and say confidently, HI, "I'm Courtney do you want to be friends?"  It was amazing the people... the kids and adults a like that you got to talk and play with your amazing verbal skills and fun personality!  I can just see you on the streets  of San Juan doing the same thing now, not just to the dogs!  yes, the dogs siesta también. But they are seriously like my little groupies. they do not like hna Lybbert though, she´s been bitten 3 times now!
3. What is the name of your neighbors pet turtle?  his name is tumbleweed. as of....now.
4. Have you had any warm weather yet? nope. the zonda continues. I might not have toes or a nose by the end of this.
5. How far do you have to travel to get to email us and how do you get there?  we just have to walk 30 minutes to town to the cyber. not too bad. Shoes are.... strugglin. but it´s nice to feel one with the earth and feel every rockand pebble beneath my feet :)
6.  How are the GF options in San Juan, different or the same, does Hermana Lybbert understand? to be honest, we don´t really have time to eat a whole lot. ha so we don´t. but her sister has celiac, so she totally gets it!
7. Are you in a house or apartment?we´re in an apartment. more like a cave. it´s on the lower level, and is hollow and cold!!! But clean. so can´t complain!

Cute comp in the empty streets of San Juan

Hna Cooley. Again

BRISA and SOL. They are SISTERS. 3 and 4. My favorites. 
They´re teaching me Castellano.

Brisa, and her funny faces. Doll.

Sol. I might bring them home with me. 

Picnic in the sun. Finally a day above freezing.

Conference with Elder Nuñez

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  1. Wow is that the Zone ? Cause that is a huge Zone !