Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013 -"So what do I have to do to be a Mormon?"

Hola Familia!
I feel like I was just saying that. This week seriously was a blur. I'll be honest, it's really starting to hit me how short our time is out here.
This was the first official week of the NEW Washington Seattle Mission. President and Sister Larkin left Monday morning, and the new President and wife arrived on Monday afternoon, Federal Way, and Kent became a whole new mission, and everything changed as we knew it.
We had a mini zone conference on Thursday and got to meet President and Sister Choi. They are AMAZING! They're from Korea, and he's a member of the Seventy. They've been living in Utah. The minute I met them, I could just feel so much love and genuine concern for all of us.
Everyone in the Washington Seattle mission was a little bit apprehensive about meeting a new mission president (not us, because hey, nothing is really going how we expected it, and big changes are the norm.). But he was super loving and just got right down to work, put everyone in line, and he's actually really hilarious, which none of us were expecting.
This past week we had exchanges, and the sister training leader, Hermana Hill came to check out Hermana Cooley and I and the work in May Valley. She is in the last transfer of her mission, going home in 3 weeks, and talking to her about everything made me understand how it really does fly!
It was SO great to finally be able to spend some time working with an "experienced" missionary. Because, let's be honest, up to this point I literally have just been kind of creating my own "way". I learned so much from her, and I have so many new goals of what I want to accomplish while I'm out here. It was also comforting to realize that, in the most non-prideful way possible, I actually have managed to kind of figure out how to be a missionary despite my lack of training and experience. Even within the same mission, everyone's experiences are so different, and everyone has talents and skill sets that help them to get it done. That's the beautiful thing about companionship's.
This week was another one for the books. We somehow hit the jackpot with finding people to teach. We had 23 lessons this week! The goal is usually 20, which I hadn't had on my mission so far, and starting out the week, I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but miracles are SO real!  My favorite actually happened on the 4th of July. We were having the hardest time finding people at home, you'd think everyone had other things to do! We literally hadn't talked to anyone all day, but then we decided to go check on this house that someone had mentioned to us because they'd heard "Mariachi" music. Ha. So we knocked on the door, and this guy Carlos answered the door. He started talking to us in English, so we started speaking Spanish. As usual, he was a little surprised at these two white girls on his porch, but we explained who we were, and he got really excited and came out to talk. He told us that he has an aunt that's a member in Honduras, and that he has a lot of questions about the church. So we answered some of them, and taught him lesson 1 about the Restoration. He asked so many good questions, and really just was SO prepared! Then he turns to us and says "So what do I have to do to be a Mormon?"
Hmmm, well, let us tell you! Long story short, we talked about baptism, and set up another appointment, we went back yesterday with a member, and had another AWESOME lesson. He is so great! He's reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church this week, and honestly is just so ready for the gospel in his life! And, second bit of great news, he has an 8 year old son!! God is a God of MIRACLES!
It's amazing how with obedience, hard work, and A LOT of help from the Lord, we, as young missionaries, are able to make things happen out of seemingly impossible situations. My testimony of this work grows so much as I realize how every day is full of little glimpses of the Lord's hand in my life and in the lives of all of his children. He loves each and every one of us so much, and he wants us ALL back. I am amazed every day at this blessing and great opportunity I have to go out and find the "lost sheep" and help build the kingdom.
Muchisimas Gracias for all the pictures! Stop growing brothers, seriously I'm shrinking by the minute. The cabin pictures were Gorgeous! I have to say, I had a itsy-bitsy homesick moment on the 4th when we were on lock down and I was longing to be laying on a blanket in Jackson watching Mile-wide fireworks. Nothing compares. Although the neighbors nearly burned the house down, so that was a bit of a rush. 

Well, I love you all so much!
Until next week.

Les Quiero Muchisimo!
xoxo Your Hermana C

VISA waiters on the 4th!

Hermana Hill

This is our firework show from the upstairs window. Good times. 
The skies in WA are so pretty!

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