Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013-5 plus 2 questions!

Hey guys! So I have so much to tell you all, but first I'll try and answer all of your questions.

5 plus 2 Questions!

1. Where will the sisters and elders in your distrcit be serving, are you all going to Mendoza?
There are 7 of us in my district. 4 elders, and 3 sisters. All of us hermanas are going to Mendoza, and so are 2 elders. The other two are going to Cordoba, Argentina.

2.What color v-neck t-shirt?
blue preferably, or purple. They're actually in the guys clothing section. Davis and Ryan might know what I'm talking about?

3.What food are you craving that we can send you in the MTC? 
Food. Um basically my least favorite part of the day is meal time. Sad, I know. We're always starving, but the cafeteria is no bueno. Elder Wengert and I the last couple of days decided that we're going to have an ice cream eating contest, since that's really the only thing we enjoy eating. We just got back from lunch, and I ate 4 orange creamsicles and a fudgesicle. mmmm nutritious.
But really what I'm craving: mom could you send me some beef jerky? some tapioca pudding? and maybe a sugar cookie from the bake shop?

4.What is happening with your VISA?
We actually met with the consolate yesterday!! Side note: The other district in our zone that's going to Argentina was supposed to leave on Monday, but didn't even meet with the console until Tuesday. So they're without a doubt getting reassigned. We were the lucky and rare ones that got to meet with the consolate only 2 weeks after being here! There are still A LOT of visas to go through, but we're crossing our fingers that they'll get ours to the top of the pile in the next couple weeks.
Funny story about the meeting: So the guy from the Argentina consolate that came to talk to us. He was super white, with strawberry blonde hair and a red beard. No joke. People there look just like we do! Crazy huh?? hIs accent was super cool though! I'm hoping I come home sounding like that!!

5.Can you eat anything from the regular cafeteria or just your "gray" food from the nutrition room?
I can eat fruit and ice cream from the regular cafeteria, but other than that everything is cheap and breaded. When you have to feed an army, you don't get very fancy options.

6.(one to grow on) Is your eye alright now?
My eye was fine for the first week and a half. And then, Saturday night our district had a little bonding devotional, and all the tears I'd been holding in since being here came out with a vengeance! I'm pretty sure that's what caused the first one, too. Just mascara blocking my tear ducts. oops. But i used frankinsense and OnGuard on it (for future reference, don't put OnGuard close to your eyes), but it totally did the trick. it was only Quasimodo looking for 2 days or so.

7.(bonus)What are your guesses for Baby Griner: B or G? date?(mid Sept) wt? ht? name? 
Boy. September 7 at 3:47 pm. 19 inches. 7 pounds 3 oz.

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