Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013- 5 Q & A's of the week!

Just really quick before we head to the temple.
1.  How many sisters to a room? Please send photos of your digs! There are SIX sisters to a room! They had to add extra bunk beds to the dorm rooms to fit everyone. The elders in our zone each have only 2 elders to a huge room. Please tell me how that is possible?? I'll send photos later today!
2. What supplies do you think that you will need for the travel time and your time left in MTC and then Argentina?ie; photo card reader, converter, oils, Spanish scriptures.  How are your shoes holding up?
I still need a card reader, not sure about a converter yet. I would love some deep blue.
SHOES. I've been dying all week to write you so that I can figure this out. I already have nasty broken-skin calluses on my heels. the black flats are no bueno. I seriously wear my moccasins every day. Can you send me my two pairs of semi-worn oxfords? They'll do for a while until I can get down there and buy some toms or something. My feet are hating me and my Borns.
3. How were the meals-on-ice in a box?  Look for an amazing one on Friday for dinner! Any requests for you last week?  Saddest day of my life was Monday. I had been mail-less for almost a week, and really looking forward to something. Then I got a package slip! Yay, so I went to pick it up, and we got back to the classroom and I opened it, and inside was a pile of plastic utensils, and a note that said something along the lines of "Sister Cox, today you were sent _____________(It listed out the food items) by one of the local delivery services. Since these items needed refrigeration, we removed them and they have been disposed of. The delivery service will notify the sender that these items are not allowed."
Nothing better than getting super excited for a package of edible food and then having someone tell you "Oh, just kidding!"
So I'm really sorry that you put all of that effort into sending me all of that food. But I guess even the "same day" delivery won't work, apparently they go through EVERYTHING. But the thing I thought was funny (not really) was that that same time, an elder in my district got an ENTIRE cake with whipping cream on it. No refrigeration? confused.
Anyway.... Then, yesterday, I got another package. That one had a note in it too. They'd confiscated my salad!! but the German pancakes were still in there! So the district ate them as a night time snack! So thank you, I'm glad I at least got a hold of one of my tastes of home. The apple syrup was a hit!!!
4. Any news about your travel plans/VISA?We are supposedly going to be getting our travel plans today or tomorrow! A district that has our same gym time that's going to Argentina and got reassigned came screaming into the gym on Tuesday saying that they'd gotten their Visas after all!! So we're really hopeful that we'll be doing the same at dinner tonight! Cross your fingers for us!!
5. Do you know anything more about your mission president?Um.... We know that he speaks a little, a LITTLE English. meaning none. But the AP does, so we should be okay. His wife speaks absolutely NO English. But we found out that he is being replaced in July. With a guy that is a foot doctor from Utah. (Our elders met him on one of their late-night ER trips). But we were laughing because by then we'll all know Spanish.
Okay, we're off to the temple. But I will be on later today and I'll write back more, send pictures, etc.
Love you lots and lots!!!
Te Amo, Hermana Court

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