Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013 - Q and A's

1.  Did you get the birthday package? We had transfers yesterday. So I FINALLY GOT THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGES!!! THANK YOU!! everyone was dying over how great of a birthday Celebrater you are!!
2. Are the kids in your photos like the ones you were cutting their hair members? The kids in the picture are Monica's kids, so it's a part-member family.
3. Where do you shop for your foods.  We shopped at Fred Meyer in my other area, here they have a Safeway, so we'll probably do that.
4. Are you sending the shoes that didn't work home? I sent a package with shoes, and mail/pictures that were taking up space. save them please.
5. can we send letters directly to you? No, in this mission, the president doesn't allow us to give our direct addresses, so we have to go the VERY round-about way.
6.How is the earwig problem, I wonder about that one? I am no longer in the broken down apartment, so I'm not worried about the earwigs.... ha
7. how old were some of the other missionaries in your zone?  Most of the newbies coming in are all really young, we had a 22, 23, 27 year old in my old zone. Not sure about this new one. (more details to come, you'll never believe what happened!)
Love you!

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