Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4, 2013 - 5 Q and A's and some housekeeping!

Monica- my "momma" she made us GOAT :)

Birthday party for Susana

Service project, washing a members dogs fleas off Chihuahua!

               Ice cream in a cantaloupe.

1.Hey do you get money back for the $60.00 airport fee? Yeah, I got it back. They had to put all my money on my companions money card, because I don't get one cause I'm only a "temp" (I'm beginning to wonder about that :/)
2.Have you received any of the Packages?   I got the shoes, thank you thank you. Umm so packages take forever to get maybe I don't know, I don't want you spending tons of money to send them... I'll ask on that other rule though. (the mailing straight to me). mail me letters in the mail though, because those usually get here fast. packages just take forever cause the zone leaders have to go get them... in Bellevue.
3.Is the sleeping bag working? What do you like or not like about a sleeping bag versus blanket/sheets.  Other people asking for their missionaries? I actually love the sleeping bag, some nights I wake up a little hot, but other nights it's so nice...and it's much easier to make in the morning ;)
4. How is a regular schedule treating you, your skin and your health? The regular schedule is really good. I'm exhausted most nights, and 10:30 bedtime is my new best friend :)
5. So do you know that is black mold for sure because from what I can read that is really bad.  Be careful.  Lysol has a mold product as well. So buy some from Walmart and get masks too.  YES, Onguard will hopefully kill the black mold! but don't waist it all on that!*If you really think it is you might want to tell someone and see if they have a policy to get that cleaned up for you.???

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