Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Q and A's and Photos

I am just realizing that we only have two more Mondays before Christmas and then we get to talk!!! YAHoooo!  
1.**Could you take a photo in front of somewhere that you feel represents where you are in the world. SEND IT BY NEXT WEEK! I didn't do a Christmas card, however will send a e-card to friends this year and wanted to include you.  If no time then I will use the cute one from the zoo!
1a. Do you have any info on a date or time or method of Christmas talk??1a. ;) not quite yet, but I will for sure let you know!
2.Do you need more money for the holidays?  I am really hoping that your packages arrive at least for new years!  2. I might need to take a bit more money out for Christmas stuff. ..... sad news. The civil unrest down here is a little bit ridiculous as of late. (don´t worry, I´m fine, just annoyed is all). .. . .but anyway. The post office, the only one near our area, has been ¨on strike¨for over a month, and who knows when they´ll be done. So your Christmas things will not be getting to you in time. And at this rate, I just decided to save the bigger gifts for when I come home...because, well, it will come fast...??
3. You have had a ton of opportunity to sing.  How has your voice held up?3. Hahahah my VOICE? what voice? It makes me laugh that I´ve had to sing so much. I don´t sing. but it´s been good. I love singing regardless.
4. have you had to use any of the oils on a regular basis?  Are you staying healthy?4. I´m actually pleasantly surprised that I haven´t had to use oils more. just a few ¨spot treatments¨here and there if you will. 
5. How do you pay for your food? Is what they give you in allowance enough to eat?
5. Yeah, we´ve been okay with food. We´re trying harder for member meals, but times are hard down here right now, and the members really don´t have a whole lot. Maybe I´ll lose some of my extra kilos :)
6. Did you get Ry and Davis' email?  I told them they should write at least 5 lines to let you know you are there and they love you and they both sat down and wrote on their own their half a page.  Ben said "of course we love Courtney, doesn't she know that we just don't love to write?" He will write this week and I think is banking on talking with you in 10 days!6. yeah, I did. And i REALLY appreciate their efforts. I know they love me, but honestly mail means so much. seriously even if they just wrote me a couple sentences a week or something. I am missing out on their lives, and I want to know what´s going on!
7. are there any Christmas traditions you like from Argentina?7. It honestly DOES NOT look like Christmas here. Apart from the fact that it´s like a bazillion degrees, the decor is very sparse. We´re hoping to at least track down some Santa Hats or Something to take a picture.
8.  Do you get to have dinner somewhere for Christmas or will you make it? 8. We´re spending Christmas Eve with Familia Sesma :) :) and then Christmas day at the home of some members in the other barrio that have 2 computers to SKYPE!!!!
10 Is it weird that it is so warm and almost Christmas?10 I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I am missing the SNOW.and the mountains, and our Christmas decor, and the music. Not trunky, it´s just not beginning to look like Christmas here quite yet....
11.  Do they have pine trees decorated?11. Some people have itty bitty fake trees. They remind me of the one Davis and I had in our room as kids. 
*Bishop´s son, Joaquin. He wanted to show me his drawing of when he´s a missionary!  

             *Empanadas are some of the DEADLIEST things!
 (not gluten free, i thought i´d see if i became immune...nope.)
*Last pday we went to the dinosaur museum... because if there´s a building that says ¨Museum¨, with a giant ceramic dino out front, of course you would assume it´s a dinosaur museum, right?
Nope. False advertising folks.
*My favorite little street in this city. COLORS!

*It NEVER rains in San Juan!!!
*3 full hours in the downpour. I LOVED every minute!

*This one´s for you momma. food shot. 

*Paula Goldfarb 

* brown paper packages tied up with string!

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