Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013 - 5+ Q and A's

1. Any visa news yet? If you do hear, try and let us know as soon as possible so that I do send any more packages ie; birthday box..yay 21!!!!!!No news yet on my visa.... I'm sure I'll be able to tell you as soon as I know anything...hopefully. I still haven't gotten any packages, because our zone leaders have to go to the mission office in Bellevue to get them, and I'm not sure how often they go and do that...
2. Did any of the shoes I sent work? Should I just send you a pair of keds and what size? How will I get the ones back that didn't work from you. Mail it slow back so it doesn't cost you very much!
Still have not gotten shoes...hopefully they'll be able to get them to me this week.
3. Did you do anything for memorial day ? You know we love holidays!:)Nope, it's just another pday/crazy day here. We have an INSANE week this week, and so there will be lots to "prep" for.
4. Do you know how much we love you?:) LOTS
 Yes, I do. And I hope that you can feel my love too, every every day.
5. How many baptisms have you been to this week?I still have not been to any baptisms.... the explanation for that will be in the following "long" letter.
6. What are you eating?
I eat sooooo much cereal and granola bars... we don't really even have time for meals, and I just have to snack all day. There are days when I wonder how I have energy. Apples and peanut butter and protein bars are literally my saving grace these days. oh, and watermelon :)

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