Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2913 Seattle reassignment! Q and A's of the week

Hi there baby girl,  How amazing was it to hear your voice!  4 minutes just wasn't enough. However, a whole day wouldn't be enough.  I was looking at the email every 20 minutes all day long waiting for your news, any news.  
You sounded so happy and good.  I know you might be a bit disappointed that you are not heading straight to Mendoza. I also know that you are ready  to leave your time in the MTC and begin teaching whoever you are being sent to find in Seattle.  I am so proud of how you are handling all the changes and uncertainty!  
I've been thinking of Seattle all night. It is so beautiful.  Unpack your poncho!  I actually looked up the weather for the first five days that you will be there. Tuessday 71 degrees and 0% chance of rain.  Wednesday 68 with 10% chance, then Thursday 70 with 0% and so on.  Also, lows in the mid 50's at night!
Seattle Perks...
1. your poncho is cute!
2. you will see where dad grew up a little
3. its' gorgeous sea side
4. there is tons of fish to eat! So eat up before you go to Beef country Argentina!
5. you might actually get packages there!
6. you can shop for shoes
7. there are people in Seattle that need YOU!
8. a second mini-mission experience what a bonus

Anything ELSE?

I'd thought of all of the above things.
9. the weather is supposed to be nicer than here in UT, go figure.
10. it will help me prepare for lots of rain in Mendoza winter.
11. there are lots of interesting people in Seattle, I'm excited for the diversity.
12. It's not an overwhelmingly BIG city. If I'm being honest I was so nervous about getting sent to Chicago, I'm not a city girl. Seattle will be perfecto! 

Hola Todos!! It was so great to be able to talk to all of you for that BRIEF 5 minutes yesterday! Mom everyone at the front desk was laughing as I held the phone at arms length waiting for you to stop screaming! I'm sad I didn't get to talk to dad and Ry, but I'll be calling Tuesday, so everyone be ready! Wow, I have so many thoughts going through my head right now. The last week has been nothing short of insanity!! First of all, I want to thank you all for the letters. They brought huge smiles to my face, and I was so thoroughly impressed with all of the boys' awesome handwriting!! Que Bueno! I'll write you all back later today in between my packing and craziness!
So I'll just answer all of your numbered questions:

1. Do you know what areas in Seattle you will be in?  Maybe Bellevue where Dad lived?  Bellevue is in the Seattle mission, I noticed that when i looked at the map yesterday. The area is seriouly so cool! and part of the San Juan Islands are in my mission (padres).
2. Where are the others from your district going? Elders Varney and Wengert are headed to Manchester, New Hampshire. Such a cool call, they leave Monday morning, they're way excited! Elder Rasmussen is going to Tempe, Arizona. Which is where he grew up, so he was stoked! Elder Curtis is going to Orlando, Florida. The district just older than us in our zone went there, so chances are he'll meet up with them. Hermana Cooley and I are going to Seattle, along with two other girls that are going to Mendoza, we're really excited! With all of the excitement about reassignments, there is a bitter sweetness as we realize we have to leave while Hermana Tanner stays here. She didn't get a reassignment, and so she's here at the MTC for at least another week.
3. What is your general feeling or any information about the timeline for VISA?They seriously give us NO information about Visas. We could be in Seattle for 2 dias or 7 months. It's slightly frustrating being left so in the dark regarding our missions, but I'm honestly so excited to get out en el campo and get to work!
4. Do you want to shop for shoes in Seattle?  I'm thinking I might need to shop for shoes, so we could make it work that would be fantastico!
5. Are you going to leave a box of items that won't fit? Yes, Everyone was saying that there's a service here in the MTC where you pack up your stuff in a box and then they hold it at a place where someone can come pick it up. We're going to get more info about that later, so I'll let you know by the end of today.
6. Did you get the card reader, muddy buddies, Mary's package, Mikell's package etc? YES! I got all of them! Everyone says Muchas Gracias for the muddy buddies, they saved us during in-field orientation!
I got Mary's package, too! I was laughing so hard because I turned to my companions and guessed what was inside! She knows me too well, beef jerky and mangoes. I was in heaven!
I got Mikell's too! It was so funny because I went a few days without anything, and then all on the same day I got 3 packages and like 6 letters. It was a good day! I was so happy to see cute little letters from Kenna and Brooke!
7. What is your final request list for items needed before you leave on tuesday that I can send same day MOnday;
     a. deep blue lotion  b. digestzen  c. ??converter  I think I'm good with "stuff" for now. I seriously have enough boxes to move a house!
8. Why did your pday-day change from Thursday to Friday this week?They changed our entire schedule this week, the whole MTC. They bumped us up 2 hours, so breakfast and classes and everything started before we even had time for breakfast! It's been nuts, but that's what happens when you have more people than available beds!!
9. Did you get the boys letters this week? I got all of the letters from the boys! Thank you thank you so much! I loved them. I was so impressed with everything that you are all doing! Keep up the hard work!
10.You are on for the June newsletter.  Do you want me to take a piece of one of your letters this time or will you want to write me a separate email for the newsletter? I'll think about what I want to do for the newsletter. I'd rather not have it be parts of my personal letters to you (familia), but no tengo tiempo!!
Oh, so I have something for you to tell Joel and Julie. My companion from St. George, Hermana Tanner, is best friends with their nephew Porter, and knows Jake, too. Small world.
Well, I'll write more later, our day is split into 30 minute sections today. It's not a real p-day, we still have class and stuff. Super loco!!
Les quiero mucho!! Gracias por su amor y apoyo!!
Con mi amor, Your Hermana Courtney

This one time, Hermana Tanner and I decided it would be a great to do our hair in braids.... Sacajawea/Heidi/5 year old??

Our cute district and all the awesome girls in our zone!

SURPISE!! Embroidered towels ;)-Thanks Mary!

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