Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 14, 2013 - "I dreamed a dream!"

Another week quickly come and gone.
I will never cease to be grateful for all of things that happen in just one week in the life of a missionary. 
We had some of our highest numbers as far as lessons this week. There were honestly moments when I had out of body experiences as my heart, head and stomach tried to keep up. There were moments where we literally sprinted to our lessons. 
Our investigators are still going strong. We´re working with them and really working on the importance of commitments. The desire is there, and we´ve really formed awesome relationships with them. 
Veronica went to the last session of conference last week, and LOVED it. She told us that she knows the profeta and his apostols son hombres de Dios. and she shared so much of what she learned with her girls. We´re excited for their baptism date in a couple weeks, we just have to get them all to regular church meetings!  

The greatest miracle we had this week was with Raul (Ibaseta)! We haven´t passed by for about a week and a half, because they just were not progressing. They were so stubborn and stuck on waiting for that dream, and weren´t willing to do anything else.
But still as I studied, they kept coming up. They´re just such a great family, and could benefit so much from this gospel.
Saturday, we were walking to another appointment, and Raul was standing on the corner of the main street by their house. He saw us and his face lit up! He came over, we said ¨Hola, cómo le va?¨ Immediately he said ¨Hermanitas, I need something.¨My brain instantly thought ¨He got his dream!!¨
¨I had a dream.¨He told us ¨I need to see your Iglesia Madre¨ ¨The temple?¨I asked him. ¨Sí, creo que sí.¨Yeah. He explained that in his dream he´d seen a big building. Super bright white, really grande, with lots of spires. ¨it was holy and sacred¨he told us. ¨unlike anything I´ve ever seen before.¨ My thoughts immediately went to the Salt Lake City temple as he described it to us some more. 
So I told him what I thought, and we promised him we´d go track down some pictures, and then come back the next day! WHAT?!
We got some temple pictures, and then yesterday we went by with the bishop and ward mision líder. 
He explained more about his dream, and the looks on the faces of bishop and hermano Correa were priceless. We talked a lot about dreams, revelations, temples, ordinances. Honestly it was the craziest discussion ever.
Then, We told him that we had some pictures. I pulled out the Salt Lake City Temple picture from my bag and he nearly snatched it from across the table. He sat there looking at it. But immediately you could see in his face that this was the building he saw! ¨This is the building I saw. I´m sure of it.¨He told us. Everyone seemed to let out a sigh of relief and excitement all in one. Personally I just wanted to yell!
He told us about other dreams that he´d had concerning the church and how he really felt that he needs to do something to act. He told us that if God really wants him in this church and wants him to be baptized then he´s dispuesto to do the will of God.
We committed them to keep praying, and to come to church this Sunday. 
I´m so excited to see what happens with them! I have no doubt they have so many promised blessings! 
I´m so grateful that the Lord knows his Children so personally and so perfectly. Sometimes it´s hard to figure out the ways that these people need to experience conversion, but the Lord knows. And in his time and in his way, he gives them those things that they need. I know it. I´ve seen it. 
I love this work. The crazy moments and all. 

Les quiero muchísimo! 
Esta semana que viene!
xoxox Your Hermana C

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  1. You know while we are sleeping our mind begins the process of resting, calming the senses down from all the input we are gathering and storing throughout our waking hours. To use a technological term "REBOOT" it scrubs down our storage banks of memory.

    In this case Courtney's "Raul" had no previous foreknowledge of what a Mormon Temple appearance's would look like, at least in the story I did not read of any.

    The Lord knows who is prepared the Spirit of God flooded his mind with images and he knew he must have some closer or confirmation to what he had seen in his minds eye.

    I love how missionaries experience and participate with the spirit of Elijah !

    These are the days of wonders and true miracles for Sister Courtney Cox !