Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Q and A's plus photos!

Just another random list of happenings this week:
1. We had to go to Mendoza this week so that Hermana Lybbert could do her visa stuff. On our way, we had to take a taxi to the terminal, the man was pretty shy, but super nice. Then, Saturday Morning, we were waiting for a bus (micro) on our way to conference, and he drove by and picked up someone. We waved and he smiled and waved back. Then, yesterday morning, we were waiting again for the micro to take us to the stake center in Libertador, and he pulls up. ¨Chicas, a dònde van?¨We told him to Libertador. ¨Hop in!¨he called. ¨For free?¨Hna Lybbert asked him. ¨Of course!¨ So we get in and we start driving. It´s like a 25 minute drive. But we get in and start talking to him. He was super friendly, and had lots of questions about why in the world we would leave our families and come down here. But then he told us that he´s been to church before! One of his best friends is a member, but moved to Texas. He knew about the Book of Mormon and everything! So we got his info and he said we can stop by. When we got there we offered to pay him a little for the long ride. He said ¨No, seriously, I just wanted to talk to you about all of this! We´ll see you soon!¨
2. I got bit by the MANGIEST dog. We were walking, and Hna. Lybbert scared him, so he bit me. che! But don´t worry mom, no broken skin or anything, just ripped tights.
3. While I was in Mendoza, I ran into the new companion of Hna. Keller. She told me that ENRIQUE GOT BAPTIZED! He quit smoking, was baptized, and then he even went out and did the white storm with the elders! He is already sharing the gospel and telling everyone that he´s going on a mission. He sent her a cute little hello for me. MIRACLES!
4. When we got back from Mendoza, we had to take a taxi to get to a meeting on time. We walked out of the terminal, and the Taxi man flagged us down. We got in and he immediately said ¨what church are you from?¨We told him, and he started asking all sorts of questions, really what he was interested in was if we believed in healing. He has a daughter that´s sick. I taught him a little bit about the priesthood and the restauración, and he asked us to come to his house and teach his family. He doesn´t live in our area, but the elders are teaching him!!!
5. Mom, on one of the streets we walk on a lot, there´s this little girl that is always riding her bike. The other day we passed, and she was having a little argument with her mom. She wanted to be allowed to go further down the road.  
I had to laugh. Even Argentine moms don´t let their kids go past Nelsons or Crowley's :) 

Love you all. Even halfway round the world, there are always things that make me think of you. 

Happy Birthday Elderes!
Officially all of my asados have been done by gringos!

New district! More Hermanas!
District San Juan!

Revamping area books!

la familia Poblete. Love these women so much!

Q and A's- sorry random order!
1.  What did you eat for conference weekend.  We ate lots of fruit and lots of rice. ha typical.
2.  Did you get to watch all sessions?  What language did you listen to conference in ?Yeah! we got to watch the Relief Society session in Castellano, and then for the other sessions we had a ¨gringo room¨for English.
3.  One last time, I am for sure NOT filling out any applications or deferring with Weber, correct?? 
I am filling out applications for Davis and I am just in the mode!!!  He is applying to Weber, USU, UVU and U of U.  We will have to see just have to see what happens in the next year... less than a year!  WOW!   No. I should be good for deferrals. I cannot believe that Davis is doing college apps!
4.  When someone get bit by a dog, do you have to get a shot or go to the doctor? Depends on how severe it is :)
5.  What was your favorite conference talk and Why?Ooh, I loved them ALL. but one of my favorites was President Monsons, and also I loved D. Todd Christofferson´s about GOOD WOMEN. That´s honestly what I wanted to write my other email about, but it wasn´t really tailored to all ears, and kind of more personal. I´ve realized that while that isn´t the purpose of a mission, it´s helped me to become the woman that I wasn´t, and more of how I want to be, and how God wants me to be.
My favorite quote of all of that was ¨She was LOVE personified.¨Ooh, that´s what I want to be. 


We´re going HIKING with the district today, so we had to do everything a little early!
Just loving the San Juan Heat!
What´s up with you all?

Pretty much what my letter said.  5 am dad left, 6;20 kids to intramural basketball, Davis left at 7:20, Ben left 3 minutes ago and elementary Emmi is still in bed, scheduled to wake in 10 and leave in 30! How hot is it there now?  That sounds so nice.
Sorry, still reading. How are you feeling by the way?
Sorry, I didn´t see that detail until after I´d printed out your letter.
Flu is the nastiest.
It´s still only like 75-80 maybe. But the SUN it´s killer. I love it. Poor Hermana Lybbert looks like a lobster!
Sunscreen available?
I am doing better now.  Thanks goodness no one else got this one.  I was down and out couldn't lift my head for two days, fever blisters on my lips, didn't eat a tablespoon of food and keep it down for 2 days then uneasy eating for another two days.  Colorful!
Yay, hiking that will be awesome.  How do the mountains compare to here?
I´m totally fine. not burning.
Oh my gosh. It was just the flu?
They´re So paracido a Utah. It´s crazy to me sometimes. I look out into the desert and it sometimes, ALMOST feels like home. 
That's cool, feels like home, minus us of course? so parecido(similar?)
Yes the ugly flu.  I am good now though!
Ha. That was a joke. This is so far from home. But home for now. I love San Juan.
Yeah, parecido is similar, haha I can´t speak English or castellano right now. 
I´m way glad!
I responded to questions, still tyring to read. There isn´t enough time to read and write, all the computers are so slow. I´ll respond next week.
Love you!

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