Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 - FELIZ DÍA DE MAMÁ!‏

Hola! So Argentina has so many Holidays it´s kind of crazy.  A lot of theirs are different than ours. But yesterday was Mothers Day here. And even though the gringos don´t get to call home, I was thinking of you all day. I´m always a little prejudice during Mother´s Day and everyone is talking about how great their mom is.... when really I know that MINE is the best there is!
Mom, I´m so grateful for you, and everything you are, have done, and do for me. Although it´s not ¨the purpose¨of missionary work, Being out here has helped me to realize the kind of woman and mother that i want to be. So many of the qualities that I desire to develop come from the example that you´ve set for me and the woman that you are.
I was telling dad, the other day we were in a lesson and this man asked us ¨Well, don´t you miss your families?¨ Then he looked right at me and said Öh, by that face, I KNOW you miss your family...¨Well I don´t know exactly what he meant, but I´d be lying if I said no.  I do miss you all so very much, and although I try not to, there are days when I worry about everything that´s going on at home. It´s hard to feel so out of control.
But then there are those momentes when I literally feel all of you pulling for me, praying for me, and that gets me through those tough ¨Today I literally feel like nothing.¨Days. I know this is where I need to be. And I know that in some way or another, missionary service blesses entire families. The Lord has you in his hands, I know because he´s reassured me of it many times.
I love each of you so much, and every day I count myself so lucky to have you all in my life!
Know that I love you, and am sending a big MOM´S DAY hug your way!
xoxo C

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