Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014 - I know who I am, I know God´s Plan!

Hello Loved Ones!
How are you all?? 
What a crazy week. The last week of the transfer always brings with it all kinds of adventures. And it´s not an exaggeration when I say that I haven´t slept for nearly a week. Between faulty AC, 110 plus degrees, and the fact that even when I have time to ¨relax¨, my brain won´t shut off!, sleep has eluded me. But, onward and upward we go!
We got transfer calls last night, and I am leaving the beloved San Juan! After 3 transfers, my time here is up, and I´m sad to leave, but really excited for a huge change of pace! I´m going to Dorrego, which is straight up city (eh) , right outside of Mendoza. I was called to be the Sister Training Leader there. Bring on the reto! 

This week was another one of those weeks where it seemed like everything had a common theme. Dad sent me the challenge to read Moses 1, and I got a letter from Teddy talking about the importance of ¨knowing who we are¨. It seems like the theme of my mission has been learning about our divine identity (as Children of our Heavenly Father), and also learning how to learn, live, love and become the person that HE expects and wants us to become. 
I´ve been trying really hard the last few weeks to really look outside the box. Things here have been a little rough as of late. The ward leaders have been having some issues, things in the mission are really stressed, and I really was just starting to get into that mode of ¨What more can I do to change things up in this area?¨ I wasn´t sure if I would be leaving or not, and I honestly just wanted to feel like I´d done everything, given my all, to help the members, the other missionaries, and the people here. 

I learned a lot this week. One of those ¨growing and stretching so much it hurts¨weeks. I´m grateful that God is the head of this work. His plans are so great, and so perfect. I´m glad he knows what his children need.....even better than we ourselves know most of the time. There´s a lot to be said about ¨the mysteries of God¨. I know, with a pounding head to reaffirm, that there is much to be learned, and much we won´t ever fully comprehend about his plans, his visions or his timing. But. That´s where faith, trust , and confidence in his love come in. 

I love you all so much!
Hope this week´s a great one!
xoxox Your Hermana C

Zona San Juan 
Elder Downs ... we were in the same stake in Syracuse and he knows the Parry's the Strong's and the pursers. cool connections :)

*Elder Arndt... he is the nephew of Candace Winkelman. it´s a small small world. 

                          lots of love down here in Argentina 

 *comp :) her first time hiking. we made it alive!!!

                                                                    cabeza del indio
                                                       Zona trip

 hair chop!


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