Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 - Q and A's plus photos!

Hi there you,  I have just had you on my mind all week.  I am sure it was hard to leave the Sesma familia but I was very proud with your eagerness and excitement about moving on to a new challenge. I am sure you will tell us all about your new area and companion. I have a few questions?

1.Did you find new shoes since "goldifying" your others?  we´re going shopping today, so i´ll let you know
2. IS it as hot in your new area? it´s still VERY hot here! I haven´t stopped sweating. We don´t have ac in the´s like a humid hole of death. literally. 
3.Is the language dialect similar in all the areas of Mendoza or different versions!  The dialect in San Juan was VERY distinct, and so it´s a little different here, but I love it! 
4.What is your new apartment like? water?  Our apartment is TINY. and HOT HOT HOT. water.... it´s better, but i´m still occupying the filter.
5.Did you get your facebook up and going and how do I follow you now?  I can´t get on Facebook. So really, you guys will just have to run that... they were going to allow us to share stuff, but i think changed their minds.
6.Was the photo and cover okay? I can´t see them. But i´m sure it looks great ;) thanks for that craziness.
7.Did you feel okay about the decision... well, only option to wait to apply until next year!  I did and feel so great that you are to stay as long as possible and complete your mission strong.  Life will be here upon your return. Yeah, I feel good about it. I honestly just know that everything´s going to happen how it´s going to happen... It would have been nice to be able to start with everything....but at this point I don´t really have another option do I?
10. Love to see photos and hear new comp story! Hermana Lawrence is super cute! She´s from AZ. She´s about 4 foot hahah kidding, but SUPER tiny. She´s super blonde, and honestly sometimes it´s ridiculous how similar we are. But we´re setting all kinds of new goals, and working hard together. Being with gringas brings out a new side of me. She´s super timid and so it makes me work really hard and be really brave. And it´makes me use my Castellano a lot more. I feel like  I got a re-charge coming here!

I love you all. Try to be more healthy, Dave. I love you all so much! 
Time is flying! 

gafas y grido. last day with this lady.

sorry, we haven´t taken normal pics yet....

*the set up. top bunk is way too hot.

*midnight drink the fridge. too hot for sleeping. 

*Dorrego City

*after running 2 miles in the dead heat to beat the clock. love her.

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