Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 - FELIZ CUMPLE...GUSANITOS...!

After printing out and reading all of your amazingly sweet emails last week, I was overwhelmed with the love and happy birthday wishes that you all sent my way!! I was at a loss for words and prayers of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all of you and the amazing impact you have on my life.

This week, and this birthday was definitely...UNforgettable.... The reason for that can be summed up in one word...


disclaimer: this is not for those of you who are squirmers.
aka. family, you will love this...all the rest... I apologize for the excessive info and slightly classless nature of this email.

so the story goes a little something like this...

Wednesday before last... we had lunch with a member family, and because  I couldn´t eat the milanesas, she brought out some salchichas...which i´ve always avoided, but didn´t want to cause a scene. they were sketchy, but I just did it anyway.
The next day I was ill. we wondered if i´d gotten gluten some how? food poisoning maybe? 
flash to Monday of last week, i was not feeling so hot... and realized that I hadn´t gone to the bathroom in an unusually long time...
Tuesday. My stomach swolen to the size of a large balloon, decided to get over my pride and call hermana Ashby, the nurse. She said to take this gum laxative. So i did. and an hour later... miracle?... went to the bathroom..
only to my surprise.... out came 3 GUSANITOS!! (worms) 
shocked, and a little embarrassed, I called hermana Hales to come in for some intense comp bonding.  After swallowing the initial shock of the new little critters now SWIMMING around our toilet bowl (Don´t even worry, mom, I made ya a video)
so... even crazier, worms hide from light... so snapping a picture of them was tricky... sorry TMI
I called Hermana Ashby back, she asked if anything had happened, I gave her the news, followed by ¨Hermana Hales and I will be coming to Mendoza tomorrow to get some meds from you, okay??¨ She told hermana Hales to take the gum too, just in case.
Wednesday morning I woke up even sicker. we studied, had a lesson with Elisabeth. and then got on the colectivo to go to Mendoza. 
turns out, we got on the ¨scenic route¨bus this time, so instead of an hour, the trip took 2 hours and 15 minutes. followed by hermana Hales and I SPRINTING to the public terminal restrooms.
long story short, spent 5 hours in the bathroom in the offices waiting for Hermana Ashby. Poor office elders, ha.
Hermana Ashby made a phone call to the area mission doctor, just to get a second opinion on the fact that the worms just magically came out by themselves, and were actively swimming around. ¨Have you ever seen that in your years of experience?¨she asked him. ¨Well, no, I NEVER have... but there´s a first for everything.¨ just keeping up with the ¨be the exception to the rule¨ trend we seem to have going on. 

Thursday. June 5. MY big day.....and started my de-worming process.sick from the pills all morning. 
*party with familia Leguiza. 
they even wrapped presents, made a balloon chandelier, lit a firework candle, and sang. I really was spoiled! LOVE THEM! 


* don´t worry, mom, I made ALL 22 of them fit in my alfajor. ion

*birthday bow. and my cute comp decorated the pench.

*mirror selfie. guilty. it was my birthday.

 We went to our lunch with the elders at the restaurant of a family in the ward. I just ate a little chicken.
They were all awesome, and it was definitely a memory worthy celebration. After lunch I decided to tough it and go track down some investigators.
But, shortly found out that worms and chicken don´t mix, and could barely walk without throwing up.
The rest of the weekend was spent on my 3 day de-worming diet.
Saturday afternoon, feeling sorry for my comp and also going crazy in the pench, I prayed and decided to go out. We did a few hours of solid knocking in the cold, and then, as Hermana Hales puts it, the Rollercoaster ride came to a complete stop.
That night I took some oils, and went to bed early.  

we are now on a full and upward swing. It was a trial by fire... but we survived. My comp is a saint. and we are now much, much closer.

I love you all so much! 
xoxox Your Hermana C

* my comp will be the perfect little mormon momma. She made me jello.. and then put VEGGIES in it to make it nutritious. yummm??

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