Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday June 16, 2014 - GUSANITOS ...Worms...Q and A's

First off...eww, about the photo of the worms!!! second, how on earth did you get a photo of just the worms and nothing else in the toilet...okay very first, I hope you are feeling better????First off, the worms came out all on their own. nothing else. that was one of the more disturbing details. hahah.
I am feeling much better! 

Third.  Ben was probably the most disturbed as I finished reading your letter to all of them this am, he quickly and calmly said, "That is my least favorite letter that Courtney has ever written!"sorry ben.
Ahh He is good now and is looking forward to hearing from you about all the soccer questions!
He is loving that you are in argentina at this amazing soccer time!!!!I am dying that I am in argentina at soccer time. Argentina played for the first time yesterday, and you would not believe the parafenilia ? and just crazy fans. IT´s insane!!
fourth... REALLY how are you now?I took parasite pills and think for now i´m good.
I am so proud to hear that even through it all you were able to feel loved and celebrate just a bit.  Please give your cute comp a huge hug from me and a thank you for caring for you through this week!  I love you. 
Hi beautiful girl.  I love you.

How do you determine if that was all the worms?umm... not sure... but i feel better?

Are you able to eat and stay healthy?i´m working out again. eating healthy. Part of that has to do with the fact that TODAY. i start my SECOND TO LAST transfer. seriously??   
Did you loose too much weight? I didn´t loose too much... maybe like a pound. too bad, really, should have let them go a little longer...

Oh for sure...I hear its the new thing for diets!!! NOT
I love you for your humor and I know right, where has the time gone.  Emmi is thinking of making a chain soon.  That just make the countdown a bit real.  Not doing it yet though.!  Davis will move on aug 16th so that countdown is super short. - 8 weeks whoa!
WHOA!! I can´t believe he´s moving out!! he´s not allowed! 

That's what I keep thinking about all my babies and their growth spurts and changes.  Good stuff just different.  thank heavens you are coming back for a bit .  I know you will leave again, but ... emmi has plans to paint Davis' room to make it more "girlie" for you to stay in since the boys have taken over the basement , but I think black and tan can be a girl color for a moment or two...
Just recovering from the Father's Day weekend festivities and a Monday.  Still trying to convince everyone that getting out of bed before noon is starting today for the summer.  
It is gorgeous and a bit cooler today for outside working!!!

lots and lots of changes, la verdad.
But honestly I´m so excited for what´s to come. This transfer has been a serious trial... and turns out I´m staying... so that will be... well, I´m going to do a lot of growing. It´s like a serious ¨prove how much you want it¨trial... 


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