Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2014 - Back and forth with D

So tonight I thought I'd just kind of give you an update about some of the things I'm doing and the plans I have, because those are the kinds of things I think I would want to hear from my brothers and sisters if I was on my mission. This week has been crazy with college stuff. On Tuesday (Mom's birthday) we found out that my admission paperwork had not gotten accepted to Utah State and I was not admitted and did not get a scholarship. I was planning on going there because according to the index I would have gotten a presidential which is tuition books & fees for 4 years. Me and mom have again spent hours on the phone and online, talking to people, redoing the application, and writing appeals to try to get it to all work out. The admission president said I should find out in the next couple weeks so keeping our fingers crossed. Novelty dance was last night. We all went stag cuz that's what everybody does for Novelty. My costume was camo tights with American flag boxers over them, a Team USA jersey and a headband. Funnest dance of the year I'm sure mom will send you the picture of me and Matt. I went to 2 farewells today, one of which was a kid who is a couple weeks younger than me but graduated early and is leaving on Wednesday. It was crazy to start thinking that all these kids I've grown up with and are my age are going to be leaving in a couple months.
Tonight was also the mission prep fireside for all the priests and laurels in the stake. Bro. Schank shared a scripture this morning and in the fireside that hit me really strong and mom as well when she heard it. It's 1 Peter 3:15, "Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you". When we got home mom said that there was 2 people just this weeks that asked about me and how I keep up the hope I have and this scripture reminded her of that. I told her that it's because I believe that I have a purpose. I know that God has a special plan for me and that there is a reason I have gone through the things I have. Wherever they land me is where I'm supposed to go and what I'm supposed to do and whatever mission He has for me to perform on this earth that is what I will do. Once I understood that and accepted that it was his plan and not mine, things got much easier. 

Love you can't wait to hear from you tomorrow

Brother, you amaze me! 
Your positive attitude and ¨big picture perspective¨of the Lord´s plan for you have always been such an incredible example to me. I love you, and I too, KNOW without a doubt that the Lord has great things in store for you. I´m sorry to hear about the college application hiccups. I will be praying hard for you this week. and I hope that all goes well.
I absolutely LOVE getting your updates on life. I think I get more and more proud of you each week. You seriously are just enjoying life, and taking it in strides! I´m proud of you for working hard, I´m excited to hear about your internship. Is it so fascinating? Also, I love your dance experiences, and that you and your Friends never fail to enjoy and ¨aprovechar¨ make the most of the experiences you´re having in high school. You have a great group of amigos. hold on to them! 

I love you, and I´m proud of you. Biggest Big Sister Fan here halfway across the world. but my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I love you lots! 

xoxo Your Hermana C

> Sorry, I thought this sent last week, but I guess it never did!
> Every time you write me about mission prep and all of that stuff this
> little voice goes ¨No way! That´s not real!¨But then I´m honestly just
> thrilled that you are starting in on this great work! It´s honestly
> amazing. And I only wish that I had had as many tools and
> ¨trainings¨as you all are having. Take advantage of every moment. They
> are there because the leaders of this church know how important it is
> to be prepared, and that your group of ¨future missionaries¨is so
> strong and is going to go out and do great things.
> That is one of my favorite quotes from that book. I use it all the
> time on the mission. Sometimes it´s so easy in this life to think that
> we gain success by our own efforts or that we are strong enough to
> tackle things on our own. That´s not the case. and really it shouldn´t
> be anyway. Dependence on the Lord is such an expression of Spiritual
> maturity and understanding of our part in this work, and really all of
> life.
> I´m so proud of you. You´re my example. Keep going strong with all
> that you´re doing. And keep writing letters. I love hearing from you!
> xoxoxox Your Hermana C

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