Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 - FELIZ CUMPLE MAÑANA!!!

Know that I´m thinking of you on your day, and counting myself lucky
to have such an amazing and young-looking as ever MOM.

Yesterday in Relief Society we had a lesson on living according to our
privileges. As women of God and Daughters of Him. I don´t think I
really had a very great appreciation for RS before the mission.But
honestly I´ve learned to love it so much. They talked a lot about the
responsibility that we have as mothers, and the great importance to
never take that lightly or for granted. I always think of you, and how
blessed I am to have such an incredible role model of a mother. And
how I owe so much of the qualities I have (and am constantly working
to develop) to who you are and for all of the love and goodness that
I´ve always admired so much in you!

I love you so much, and I´m grateful for the way you magnify every
calling and responsibility you have so selflessly and lovingly. But
more than all of that for the incredible way that you exhibit love,
patience, understanding, and near-perfection to all of us that call
you MOM.

I love you!
2.Argentine specialty. they´re like cake cookies filled with dulce de
leche, and covered in chocolate. SOOOOOOOO good!
5.NO! I can´t believe they´re so big! I haven´t even met them yet! Tell
everyone to stop growing so fast!
6. i love that girl and her constant jack-o-lantern grin. give her a
big hug for me!
7. I am so proud of Davis. he honestly is just taking life in strides!
I feel like they are my examples. seriously I´m so filled with Big
sister pride!!!
Ryan has long hair??? pictures, please! Why are my brothers so big???
Ben, congrats on your calling! Every time I see the cute deacons here I
think of you and just want to hug em!
Emmi, always the social butterfly. I love that girl and her contagious
love for life!
Mom, I love you and your great and detailed updates.
ps. I haven't seen any packages yet. or a single hand written letters
for that matter. I think they all disappeared in space.

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