Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013 - Q and A's plus photos

1. I SENT YOU A CHRISTMAS PACKAGE TWO DAYS AGO.Emoji  I'M SURE YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED IT YET!!  ha, ha! I am really hoping that you ACTUALLY receive it.  I will be sending a second one on Tuesday. They said it was better to send it in two small package envelopes rather that a bigger single box.  So look for them in the next few weeks.  The hope is to get them prior to CHRISTMAS>  you can decide to open them before Christmas....because there is some Christmas decorations in some of it.  HOWEVER< I also could not wrap any thing for it would then look suspicious...so when you do open it ALL will be seen.  JUST try NOT to read the cards until CHRISTMAS so that you will have a fun surprise for Christmas DAY!  WE love you and hope you feel so loved at the holidays, even when we cant send any thing MAJOR to you.  Please let me know what needs you have that we can get the money that you may need into your account.   I am so excited for Christmas things!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Yours will be getting there before Christmas too :) sneaky sneaky, you will be surprised!
2. What types of shopping are you thinking of doing down there ?  That´s a surprise too. We´re in centro, so we have plenty of options! 
3. Also how much money do you feel you need? couple hundred maybe, I´m going to take advantage of the centro. BUT things are cheaper down here, so I shouldn´t even need that much.
4. Is there any thing that you think I could try to send that you can't get down there and would be light weight and not really matter if it doesn't get to you( Do you see my dilemma? ) Maybe a toothbrush? I would love some more onguard toothpaste. I´m starting to worry that my teeth are rotting.
5. Do you have access to the Ensign Conference issue to read over the talks again?We probably won´t get it till like January. Things are a bit slower down here.
6. Do I need to apply to defer your application to Weber until I apply in Spring or just let it go?Um....Weber I think should be good. We just need to apply in the fall of next year (the semester before I get back) I think
7. What is your drinking water like?The water isn´t terrible here. it tastes a bit like pool water sometimes, due to all the chloro. 
8. What are other animals beside mangy dogs?Tortuga (tortoise), we have a lizard that always comes around, oh, and apparently cockroaches!
9.  What is your favorite scar that you will be coming back with?(Davis)I have nasty scars on my feet from all the walking, and my tan lines are way awesome!
10.  How much weight  have you lost or gained?(Davis) I gained about 14 kilos at one point.  But I´ve lost a lot now, I´m back to about what I was when I started.
11.  What number am I thinking of between 1-15(Ryan)STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK TO KNOW!13. duh
12. What number of pool ball am I holding in my left hand(Davis)number 9

Woke up after one terribly windy and long sleepless night. The shutters and howling kept us restless. but when I emerged from my sleeping bag in the morning, Hermana Lybbert (usually very grumpy in the am) started laughing and singing Lion King to my MANE. 

 Prettiest asado on the beach

cute comp

Sweet Cake skills coming in handy :)

Zonda party for Elder Steve´s birthday.

oh..... did I mention i found 8 twitching cucarachas in the bathroom. YUM! 

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