Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013 - Q and A's and photos

1. What religions have you run into while on your mission? A little bit of everything, there are religions here that I swear are just made up. Many of them are... but there are lots of ¨Catholics¨and Jehova´s Witnesses. 
2. Did you celebrate 11/12/13(Ben and Emmi) um... no ha honestly the dates are backwards here, so I didn´t even think of it.
3. I haven't seen any balance change on your account, did you use any money yet?no, we´re going to Centro today.
4.  What is the Centro? Central, like the city city
5.We were grossed out by the size of the cockroaches( why were they twitching and why were you holding them?  They got stunned by bug spray. I was holding them to get over my hyperventilating that I found them as I was sitting on the toilet. TMI?
6. Your hair was awesome after the windy night.  Have you colored or cut down there or just let it go?
Oh, it is AL NATURAL. Can´t you tell? Ha I haven´t done a thing with it. But i´m going to cut it today when I cut Hermana Flores´hair. but the color is the wildest thing. I have not idea.
7.What kind of cake did you make in the bowl for the Elder's party? It was vanilla  with dulce de leche in between the layers. Chocolate mousse on top with a crumbled mantecol. it´s like a chocolate peanut butter wafer thing. It was super great!
8. Is the Beach asado by a river in the mountains? haha yep, we have it all in Zonda.
9.Is there any thing to buy there that looks like, clothes etc?Food...not really. Clothes....not really. haha we´re going shopping today though, so i´ll keep you posted. 
10. How are your feet? Take care of you! My feet are great, the only thing I ever wear is moccasins  I´m determined to say that I wore them every day my whole mission. They are faithful. 
That´s all folks!
love yo
11.Describe your surroundings as you write! I am in the cyber. surrounded by teenage gamers. They are listening to some horribly done american rap and shooting zombies. But i am looking at my cute new El Salvadorian companion, I´m a mom (trainer) :) 
Singing and playing the cups. It´s a huge hit here.

Cute new TRIO.

My new El Salvadorian hija. She is amazing!!

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