Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 4, 2013 Q and A's

1. Is it better to send one big photo and letter to you each week or several small ones?  Either way. But I am starving on letters from home. Where is everyone??
2. Do you have day light savings???(Emily)Nope, no daylight savings, here
3.  What did you do for Halloween?(Emily)We walked and tracted. They actually didn´t end up celebrating Halloween here. sad huh?
4. How many Book of Mormon's have you handed out thus far(Ryan..approximately)uh.... probably close to 100...
5. Do  you ever play the piano in church?No. But we practice sometimes, we sing acapello 
6. Did you get Ben's email long letter last week?(Ben)Yes, i wrote him back, did he not get it?
7.  What supplies are you in need of and how much do you need in your account?  Start looking around for what you want for Christmas for I'm sad to say it doesn't look like a package would get there, but we will try!waiting on a package :)

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