Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 27, 2013 - Q and A's and Photos

1. Do you have to pay for your computer time?  yes we do.
2. How come a bit later today? it varies, but usually between 10-11
3. Hows the weather?HOT. HOT HOT HOT. we´ve got it! hello VERANO de San Juan
4. What type of food are you making and eating that your companion is saying you are a good cook?ha I have no idea. Whatever is cheap, in season. I literally am so creative.
5. Do they have pumpkins for Halloween?No, they haven´t adopted that yet. I told Hna. Lybbert today how much I miss pumpkin patches and corn mazes.
6. Emmi is wondering when Christmas is celebrated in Argentina.  Not even Halloween over and Christmas on the brain!ha we sang Christmas songs for companionship study today. it´s fine. It´s on the 25 of December still. at least one normal holiday! did you know I get to Skype you that day?
7. Do you know the Skype schedule yet and where will you be able to do that?I don´t yet, they don´t tell us. Gotta stay focused!
8.  Singing Christmas songs in English or Spanish?We never sing in English. Castellano!
9. can you buy Toms down there and are they expensive?we´re going North today to look for shoes, but they don´t have actual TOMS here, and everything is expensive. ha. oh just to warn you... I´m going to need to use money in the near future for some necessities. Gracias!

Apparently there are only two split palm trees in the world.
We have one of them in San Juan.
¨That´s pretty neat!¨

Some days we live in a ghost town. 
¨Look at all the people...¨

Voting day plus Sunday. Meaning we walked for 4 hours, basically our entire area, and talked to 2 people. 

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