Friday, March 21, 2014

March 10, 2014 - My Dearest Brother

My dearest brother,
I have been thinking about you A LOT this week  and I have been anxiously hoping to have a letter from you. It makes my heart hurt. I am so sorry for the ongoing struggles that you are having and the setbacks. But I am absolutely blown away at the depth of your patience, understanding, maturity, and just complete submission and faith in the will of the Lord and His plan for you. You are inspiring, and I love you.
This week, in my prayers, in my work, and in the constant overload, I too, have had this constant sense of peace, and reassurance from the Lord. ¨Don´t you worry, child.¨ everything will be okay. and I know it will be. I´m so impressed with your ability to see the good in life, to look forward with faith, and to continue on with your ¨live life to the fullest¨ attitude. 
You may not realize it, but your ¨mission¨began a few years ago as you began this crazy journey with your illness. From the beginning you have been an inspiration to many, and an example of strength, tolerance, hope and wisdom well beyond your years.
It´s continuously hard for me to be away from home, and hear of the things that are happening, and not be there to work through it all right there with you. But I KNOW and I have felt time and time again that you are in good hands. The Lord is with you, and He is helping all of us to maintain the faith and the sense of peace despite the obstacles and continuous trials.
I LOVE YOU. I hope you know how much I pray for and think of you.
Thank you for keeping me updated, for your example, and for the strength and hope that I can literally feel as I read your words.
Cuídate mi querido hermanito,
con muchísimo amor, 
Tu Hermana C 

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