Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 - Davis College/Eagle

Mom and I had to fight for my admission and scholarship to USU(long story but there was a mix-up and my paperwork had not been processed.   Of course it all went unnoticed until the deadline had passed, but this week we finally got the long awaited letter that I finally got into Utah State! I also received the scholarship I wanted which is the Presidential, full tuition and fees. I opened the letter on Saturday at about 12:30 and by 1:30 the whole family was in the car on the way up to visit the campus with me. We drove around and looked at housing places and got out and walked around a little and it was super exciting. And of course got some blue Aggie ice cream.
Love, Davis
PS these are the photos from my Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle Court of Honor - 3 Stalwart brothers!

Future Utah State Aggie!

Logan Temple

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