Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 11, 2014 - This Girl is on Fire!

This week was crazy busy, full of emotions... and it all just
continues as we go into transfers. but more to come on that.
today I´ve got some stuff to take care of ... and so time is short,
and this email will be too. On top of all of the ¨loose ends¨this weekas Hermana Hales prepared to go home... We saw several miracles!
Maxi Finally has a fecha for su BAUTISMO. the 30 of august!! we´re allreally excited, and he´s reading and praying. sólo nos falta the
asistencia.The elderes also had a baptism... well 2... twin 17 year old girls,Paola y Azucena. It was a MIRACLE and the ánimo in the rama isawesome! They´re golden!

In my entrevista with Presidente Goates last month... we talked about¨endings¨, ¨beginnings¨and opportunities. We talked about my mission,all I´ve done, The ¨close call¨here towards the end... but then I asked him what he could tell me that he needed more from me to really finish strong, make my mark, and be what he... and the LORD... needs me to be. He said ¨Keep doing what you´re doing.¨ then said ¨Now of course we´ll have to see what the Lord wants... but I would LOVE to see you train again!!¨ We talked about what a blessing and opportunity that would be ... a stretch for sure, but an awesome way to finish.
And in the end he just sat back and said ¨Yeah, okay, with that in
mind, prepare yourself because I have a feeling that you´re in for a BIG change-of-pace here to finish out!¨
And boy, was he right. After 12 weeks of washing and ¨killing¨ Hermana Hales.. who had a lot of time and experience and a lot of ¨going home energy¨. I am now starting the ¨ùltimo¨ transfer 13... and I am going to be TRAINING a fresh, nuevita, LATINA (finally!), greenie! Hermana Vargas :)
I´m way excited and I know that, as always, the Lord is keeping me on my toes. I´m keeping the fire burning, but as I change gears, it´s going to be a different kind of fire and energy!

I was studying this morning, and as I was thinking about all of this,I decided to look up FUEGO (or fire) in the spanish ¨guide to the scriptures¨.. it says: ¨Symbol of purification of sanctification¨. I thought of how often we use the terms ¨trial by fire¨or ¨walking through flames¨... then I thought of the process of getting diamonds. The ordinary, dull piece of coal, put through a process of intense fire, pressure, and heat. But not too much that it becomes utterly destroyed, but just enough to push it, change it´s properties..Just how the Lord works with each of us... never giving us trials too big or temptations too strong to overcome... But He knows just how much heat and pressure it takes to purify and refine us.

Fire is also defined as symbolizing the presence of God.
-Moses and the burning bush
-we sing ¨The spirit of God like a fire is burning¨.
-We often explain to others that a feeling of warmth, or ¨burning in the bossom¨ is how they can know of truth and feel of God´s love.
- The story of Lehi and Nefi. When the Lamanitas tried to take them
and put them into prison, they were surrpounded by a pilar of FIRE and protected. Then, When the Lamanites later tried to flee from their presence, they were surrounded by a cloud of darkness that covered them. They asked desperately what they needed to do so that the darkness would leave them. Aminadab told them they must repent and call upon the Lord. in Helaman 5:43 we read: ¨And it came to pass that when they cast their eyes about, and saw that the cloud of darkness was dispersed from overshadowing them, behold, they saw that they were encircled about, yea every soul, by a pillar of fire.¨
The light of the Lord and the power and fire of His love and spirit is stronger than any darkness.
Fire is energy, and when properly stoked, provides us with heat,
light, and the motivation to keep going.
I´ve thought back several times on the promise I made to Heavenly
Father that no matter what, I would work to do my bst to keep my fire burning, and help others to do the same. I´ve realized the importance of helping others to feel of that fire, fuel it, and keep it burning bright. Whether it´s an investigator who´s feeling it for the first time, companions with their varying stages of ¨fire burning¨, or members or menos activos who are maybe just fighting to keep the smoldering coals alive, all of us need the fire in our lives.
The light of the gospel,the flame of hope, the power or influence of the Spirit of the Lord.
To help us overcome the ¨clouds¨or ¨mists¨of darkness, to help us see our way, to purify, refine, and change us from who and what we are now, to become the ¨diamonds¨that the Lord knows we are capable of becoming. He doesn´t ever tell us it´s an easy, comfortable, or
overnight experience. But he promises us the help, guidance, and the assurance that if we are faithful, there awaits us the promise of a brighter future.

I love you all so much! Keep the fire burning this week!!
xoxox Your Hermana C

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