Monday, August 25, 2014

August 2014 - Beliefs, Love and Faith

 On 8/25/14 Hi there cute girl, This is a bullet point week. SOOOO crazy starting
> school.1. Davis at USU full force tomorrow. Came home today after 5 days
> there, for a mission farewell. Loving every minute of it! 2. Stephanie A came home Friday, She is great! headed to USU tomorrow as well and
> excited to speak Spanish with you.3. Saw Cody and Jace  > together talking at church today, they asked about you! 4. Went to the Princess pageant last night with Meg and her cute little Zula Mae.  Almost 1  and about 25 pounds of pure baby chub. Meg is doing well. 5. MaCall J is engaged. So cute and to a guy from our old ward in Farmington that was in dads deacons quorum. Kyle 6.Ben and Emily just get home today from a week long trip to Cali with Gma and Gpa Wintle.. They had a blast and went to Knot's and the Beach.! 7. It has been raining like mad here the past few weeks and I am hoping that it will stay this green and lush for you to come home to! 8. UVU spring deadline is December 1 and Iwill keep looking for any emails on your UVU link. 9. Start keeping a list of Foods that you would  like when you get home so that you can email it to me soon! 10. can't wait to hear about your week.  Topic for your homecoming: The spirit of inclusion. This is the stake theme for the month and Brother Jensen said that they haven't decided exactly how they will adapt it to our ward yet, however, if you want to start thinking it will be along those lines. I will let you know when they  have the exact thoughts.  I like the There isn't any one you can't love once you know their story! Include those that are different or struggling those that may not fit the mold, don't judge and love them as Christ would love them. You know that I have a strong testimony of this. I love to look for that person that may be struggling or insecure or timid and try to sit by them, include them or merely listen to them with and open mind and heart, I know I always appreciate this when I am feeling lost, tender or alone. A  Heart Like HIS. I feel that the true essence of our religion is found in how we try to emulate the pure love for others that Christ has for each one of us. This is best accomplished by searching out and observing ways to  serve one another. If you really take the time to listen to someones life story, it will be filled with ways to serve them and better their life and in return I have found new friends, new ways to look at life and peace in the understanding that we have a merciful Heavenly Father and loving Savior.  All my love, Mom

September 8, 2014 - Courtney, As your mom, I have often felt as if I haven't shared my life beliefs with you entirely.  I know that for me I try to express who I am by actions and especially how I love and how I serve.  Today I felt like I wanted you to hear my beliefs through written words.  I hope you feel of my love for this life, my testimony of the gospel, family and love.  I am striving to become more like our Savior each and every day.  I learn as I fall and I grow with the pains of the falls. 
I believe, in God , Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.
I believe the family is of most importance 
I believe in the healing powers of faith and hope.
I believe a house of order is one that invites the spirit.
I believe the world is a very scary, dangerous and confusing place.
I believe that nature is beautiful and nurture is a privilege.
I believe in covenants, and keeping them.
I believe in complete fidelity in commitment, thoughts and actions.
I believe in honesty, virtue and charity.
I believe most people are good.
I believe in the power of Satan to try to destroy good people.
I believe bad things happen.
I believe in the power of prayer.
I believe in breathing deeply, every day.
I believe in moderation in all things.
I believe in being healthy - emotionally, physically, spiritually
I believe in education and research.
I believe in the Family Proclamation.
I believe in contributing in the family and in society.
I believe in the power of music.
I believe most people are overwhelmed. Be kind.
I believe Satan is attacking families.
I believe in the value of children.
I believe all people are Children of God.
I believe people can improve.
I believe in always searching for self-improvement.
I believe Satan can cause me to doubt and question in an instant
I believe in love of many kinds:marital, brotherly(sisterly), parental etc.
I believe in volleyball, water-skiing, good food and sunshine.
I believe in the healing power of sleep, but I don't always get enough.
I believe I am a good mom and can always strive to be better.
I believe greed runs much of the world.
I believe in Eternal Families.
I believe in respect.
I believe in looking around to serve and better the lives of others.
I believe in sitting long, eating well and talking much.
I believe in being the kind of friend that I wish to have.
I believe in being grateful.
I believe that you should " Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." -      Thomas S Monson
I believe a repenting man is a righteous man.
I believe and have a testimony of missionary work.
I believe the truth and promises of living faithfully.
I believe it is when you are overloaded with trials and adversity that you must hold tight, pray and have confidence  in a loving Heavenly Father and Hope in our Savior Jesus Christ.
I believe [HOPE] is a powerful medicine.
I believe each person can reach their true potential if given the opportunity and they take the opportunity.
I believe in laughter and inner beauty.
I believe in following a living Prophet.
I believe that it will all work out in the end and my responsibility and opportunity is to endure well and remain faithful to that end.

"FAITH is the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ-so important and complex that it is beyond our understanding, but at the same time so simple that each of us base our lives on it without knowing exactly how it works." - Through His Eyes, V Pierce
All my love, MOM

Your letter from last week made me SO grateful all over again for you and our amazing family! You all amaze me with how much you are growing, changing, doing, and overcoming. I can´t believe the change-of-pace since I left. Davis is an ELDER. and can after all start his mission papers soon! My heart about overflowed when I read that!!! I love him and pray always that that dream of his can become a reality! Ryan. is a PRIEST. driving, dating, loving itI´m sure. He´s such a good kid. I´m proud of him. High school... ah. and belly aches. I was that same age when all of my funnies started. He has been in my prayers a lot. keep me posted. Ben. Surprises me more and more each time he writes me. My siblings are so wise beyond their years, and that kid has a spiritual affinity that inspires me! He is NOT the same shy, chubby little boy that I left... He is more and more a MAN every day. Emmi. Is the sweetest little ray of sunshine. Everyone just raves about her sweetness, bubbliness, outgoing, helpful attitude. Which Granmom says reminds her more and more of me. She is growing up way too fast and is very much her own little person! i have to admit the only times I really ever get any sort of homesick is when I start to think about my world and how much I´ve missed in each of your lives. Nothing else really gets me... but missing them all growing up is hard. i only hope they´ll want me around as much as I want to be around them once I´m home! I love you all so much! Thank you for being the mom, friend, example, and support for each and every one of us. And more. You are one of my hero's, and I love you! C

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