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August 25, 2014 - "Living in the FAITH not fear Zone!"

Once again I´m to that point where I can´t believe a full week has
passed. Time just keeps escaping me and there´s just SO much that has
This past week has been a blur. We´ve literally been running, chasing,
and every night I´ve barely made it to my bed. Hermana Vargas and I
have been laughing at our tired, sore, ¨old lady¨bodies all week.
¨We´re not as young as we once were!¨ But Elder Martinez just keeps
assuring us that if you don´t return to the pench dead tired, then
you´re not doing it right.
So here´s to being beat!
This past week we had our Conferencia with Elder Viñas. It was awesome
of course. Lots of changes, lots of re-vamping the energy of the
mission, the focus, some new ideas, and a lot of revelation.
Several times during the meeting, as we talked about this great work,
our focus as missionaries, and the things that are expected of us… the
asistants, Presidente and Hermana Goates, and Elder Viñas all talked
about the importance of faith and action. Several times, mom´s advice
to me from last week came to my mind ¨Living in the FAITH ZONE.¨..."The most incredible events of this week were that Davis was ordained into the Melchizedek priesthood and Ryan into the priest quorum, Ben spoke in church and Emmi got the 5th grade teacher that she wanted. 
I do have to say that I really missed you today as we had school blessings and dad just gave the perfect blessing for each one of us.  After he blessed the kids, he gave me a beautiful blessing as well, and then invited Davis to give him a blessing.  It was so tender and so spiritual.  Davis and dad were teary and me, well, the water works are in full force these days with so many changes. I was just reminded again how truly blessed we are to have the family that we do.  I am just in awe at my adult, medium and elementary children.  
I am just filled with so many emotions.  All of which are trying to be controlled by the what next and why's of life.  FAITH REASSURES: And the work of righteousness shall be peace and the effort of righteousness quietness and assurance forever.Isiah 32:37
When doubt arises, when tragedies strike, the quiet voice of FAITH is heard in the stillness of the night, as certain and reassuring as the polar star in the heaven's above. G B Hinckley

Faith not fear is a continuous motto.  I truly love the faith zone.  I am everything to reach my potential and can accomplish so much good in this zone.  My goal for the week is to remain in the faith zone more than the doubt and find peace in that
Hermana Goates talked to us about the important power that comes from
faith in our calling, and faith in the Lord. She told us ¨We can
respond to EVERY situation in life with fear, or with faith.¨
Saturday arrived. After an extremely long and busy week. Traveling
back and forth everywhere. Going to bed late, waking up early for
colectivos. I woke up Saturday morning, and it was FREEZING, dark, and
POURING rain. As we got ready for the day, Hermana Vargas looked
outside ¨Will there be anyone in the streets today? I doubt it!¨ Well,
can´t say I didn´t sort of agree with her.
But we prayed, and told the Lord that rain and all, we were putting on
our boots and headed out to work! As expected… especially on a
Saturday morning… there was NO ONE in the streets. But, we went along
with our plans.. Walked to our area, and arrived at the first referral
we had. Paméla. We clapped a few times… nothing… sleeping. Clapped
again… and after a few minutes, finally someone came to the door. She
looked out at us sleepily, and seeing that we were already soaked, she
shouted ¨Pasen!!¨ Tender mercy número 1.
Hermana Goates in our conferencia, shared a story of an elder that
served in Guatemala, Elder Randall Ellsworth. While on his mission,
there was an earthquake, and in an accident, his legs were crushed
under something, leaving him paralyzed. He returned home to undergo
intensive therapy, and after months, was able to work with the help of
two canes… and, with a lot of determination, returned to Guatemala to
finish his mission. In an interview with his mission president, they
discussed what had happened, all that he´d been through, and his
president told him ¨Elder, Your faith has been rewarded. Leave your
canes on my desk, and walk.¨ He did so, and was able to finish his
Moroni 10:7 tells us ¨For (God) worketh by power, according to the
faith of the children of men.¨
Faith is a principle of action and power. Just as light doesn´t just
come to those who sit and wait in darkness, faith does not just come
to those who sit around merely wishing that theirs would ¨grow a
little. It´s not until we step out into the rain, or leave our
¨crutches¨and walk….only THEN can God´s true power take effect in our
Later in the chapter, in verses 23-24, we read: ¨If ye have faith, ye
can do all things which are expedient unto me.¨
And now I speak unto all the ends of the earth—that if the day cometh
that the power and gifts of God shall be done away among you, it shall
be because of unbelief.¨
Several times throughout our long day in the rain, we got asked what
in the world we were doing. As we talked with people, taught and
visited them, and explained just WHAT we do… they would stop us and
say ¨Wait a minute… so you CHOOSE to come out and walk around all day
in this pouring rain?? Do you LIKE it?¨
I laugh because they clearly think we are crazy. But I´ve come to
realize something during my mission. YES. I do. Rainy days have come
to be some of my favorite days on the mission.
Yes, they´re cold, wet, the streets are completely empty, and the
clock somehow seems to tick more slowly at times… but they are a
challenge, and an opportunity to prove just how bad we want it. How
much we trust the Lord.
We got into more houses that day than in the whole rest of the week
combined. Taught several amazing lessons, and found several NEW, SOLID
Familia Flores. Mom, dad, 3 kids ages 10 plus. Friends of a solid
member family, and already have a good impression of the church.
Justo. Another incredibly prepared referral. Has been ¨Searching¨for
the Lord and the path that would guide him to the truth and greater
happiness. He was stoked when we told him that there is a living
profeta, and that we have the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of
Jesus Christ. He enthusiastically agreed to read, and in his prayer
thanked the Lord for sending two of His angels when he needed them
We found two more part-member families this week who have recently
gone through some things that have helped them realize their need to
come closer to the Lord.
In the bible dictionary, it says ¨Miracles do not produce faith but
strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ,
in other words, faith comes by righteousness, although miracles often
confirm one´s faith.¨
I can testify of that. Throughout my mission, the ¨miracles¨ that
happen on a daily basis have been a favorite focus of mine. The Lord
is so good to all of his children, He wants to badly to bless us,
guide us, and help us along, and also reward us for following His way.
D&C 103:36 ¨All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through
your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith.¨
Our faith, our diligence, our action, and our desires to follow the
Lord and His plan for us are our greatest source of happiness and
power. I´ve seen time and time again the way the Lord blesses those
who are obedient, faithful, and who ¨con buena voluntad¨ keep His
commandments and try each day to follow the example of His perfect
Son, Jesus Christ. There are many things in the world that could cause
us to doubt, be fearful or hesitant… OR, we can choose to rely on the
knowledge that we have ¨the good news¨, and that there is so much more
to look forward to if we ¨shake the dust¨, leave behind our
¨crutches¨whatever they may be, and step out into the rain, the shine,
the light of the Lord and trust in Him. Living our lives in the FAITH

I love you all so much! I hope that you all have an amazing first week
of school.
Xoxox Your Hermana C

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