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Monday August 11, 2014 - Words from home

Hermana Courtney,
I wanted to pass along a few thoughts about BECOMING.  I love the mere thought of the word and it's definition and eternal application.  I know that the last few months of your mission have not exactly been what you had planned and for that I am sorry and know that it can be frustrating at times.  I want you to take a step to the side for a moment and just observe the good, acknowledge the challenging and LOOk to the future and strive to BECOME what you can for the last few weeks of your mission.  

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important
as what you become by achieving your goals.
- Henry David Thoreau

I know that you will be able to look at the whole of your mission and see great personal growth, especially in making it through the adversity as well as great success within the goals of your mission. One lesson leaned every day with the pursuit of our goals is it necessary to have them and even more needed to be able to adjust and make new goals as our plans for just how life should be are constantly shifted time and time again.

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
- Benjamin Mays  

One of the amazing beauties of this thing called life to me, is the opportunity to try to become what our potential is as seen by a loving and merciful Heavenly Father.  I love this because it allows room for do overs and mistakes to be made, wrong choices can be made right and learning to happen every day! It is only when we give in to the adversary to stall our progression, that we stop becoming.

You will become as small as your controlling desire;
as great as your dominant aspiration.
- James Allen

We cannot expect to put out religion on a shelf and expect to have spiritual blessings. Uchtdorf

Another of my favorite concepts of the gospel is that of becoming like a little child in order to reach our potential and receive the blessing of the kingdom.  In times of severe adversity and just swimming in the feelings of doubt and fear, I love to look at it through the idea of this thought and it immediately simplifies any struggle to the point of a manageable state. No more analyzing or challenging oneself to exhaustion.  Simply have the faith and love of a child and it will bring you one step closer to reaching the most important goal of life and that is to BECOME more Christlike.  
Become as a Little Child
If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth.
What is it we should learn from children? What qualities do they possess and what examples do they demonstrate that 
These precious children of God come to us with believing hearts. They are full of faith and receptive to feelings of the Spirit. They exemplify humility, obedience, and love. They are often the first to love and the first to forgive.King Benjamin’s words to become as a child—submissive, meek, humble, patient, and full of love? (see Mosiah 3:19).

Children are providing examples of some of the childlike qualities we need to develop or rediscover in ourselves in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. They are bright spirits who are untarnished by the world—teachable and full of faith. It is no wonder the Savior has a special love and appreciation for little children.
Among the transcendent events of the Savior’s visit to the Americas, His tender ministry to the children stands apart. In a poignant way He reached out to each child.
“And he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them.
“And when he had done this he wept. …

Have some of life’s experiences taken from you the believing heart and childlike faith you once had? If so, look around at the children in your life. And then look again. They may be children in your family, across the street, or in the Primary in your ward. If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth.
Become more Christlike - 
Jesus Christ set the perfect example for us, and He has commanded us to become as He is. He exemplified characteristics such as faith, hope, charity, patience, humility, purity, diligence, and obedience. As we learn of Him and seek to develop His attributes, we will become the women He and our Heavenly Father would like us to be - YW site,

My prayer for you my dearest daughter is to look at what you are BECOMING in the last few weeks of your mission, look at what you have already BECOME.  Your beautiful spirit radiates through your teaching, your writings, your willingness to serve and your love for others.  Have that same love for yourself and look to what this mission is adding to your eternal life and how it is magnifying your ability to BECOME what Heavenly Father wants you to become.  Stand firm, stay strong and become as a little child for these last few moments that you have in Argentina and I think you will be ever surprised at the growth the you will experience in circumstances that you did not expect. Also remember, you are my world and I love you so very much.  As your Earthly parent, I can confidently kneel in prayer to your Heavenly Father and express gratitude for all that He has given you and ask that you feel His strength and love for you to help you reach the potential that HE sees in you.  You are incredible and very cherished.
All my love for today and always, Mom

First of all, I want to apologize for last week... I had a moment of
weakness. I was REALLY tired and just completely worn down after day
in and day out for months of dealing with a lot of things. But... I
should be better.. and it just helps you to see that even your
missionary daughter still isn´t perfect.

As I read through both of your emails that I printed out last week, it
was JUST what I needed!
It was really rough. Because All that i´d been striving for my whole
mission, to develop more Christlike attributes, strengthen the ward,
others and their faith and just love the people.. all things that were
so very important to me, but NOT for my companion. So I found myself
alone and carrying a LOT of weight...even feeling like because of my
lack of PROgress, I was digressing...
But I realized this past week that it didn´t matter. If it wasn´t
going to be a companionship effort, which i was really sad about, I at
least wasn´t going to add to or be part of the problem..
I realized that I was trying to hard to do everything on my own... and
as a result, negating the power of Christ in my life. That´s why I
became so bitter and a little stuck.
Justo... I read the talk ¨In the strength of the Lord¨by David A.
Bednar. It was exactly what I needed. To allow myself to see that I
NEED Christ´s help, His grace, His ¨enabling power¨not only
sometimes... but CONTINUOUSLY if my progress and quest to become like
Him is going to continue. That change needs to be REAL, lasting, and a
constant effort on my part.

The Lord knows I don´t like to feel stuck in a rut... and so He has
now given me a HUGE opportunity and privilege to pay it forward, work
till I drop, and go out with a bang this transfer.
I have learned a LOT about my own strengths, limits, and when to allow
him to step in and take the wheel as He helps me to ¨finish strong¨and
change my mentality to be more like His. I´ve decided this is not
something I´ll ever perfect here, but rather, this has all prepared me
for the rest of ¨real life¨as well.
I love you both so much, and I´m so grateful that you´re so inspired
and always know just what I need. Even before I do.

You´re amazing! Thank you for being MINE!!
xoxoxx C

Love you, Pumpkin!  Thanks for the note.

Just remember -- Those souls we help to save may not always be those we think we are sent to serve.  Companions are people, too, and may be in dire need of our love, understanding, help and service.  

You are an amazing and a shining example of hard work and devotion.  Stay close to the Lord, and He will help you see ALL of those who are in need of your love and compassion along the way!

Have a wonderful and poignant week!

Your Papi

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