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April 14, 2014 - As I Have Loved You

I think with everything that happened last week, all of the go-go-go and do-do-do, my time an energy were all so focused on what was next. But I realized how very much I was given last week, by way of instruction and revelation.
This week I was able to sit down, study, and soak in all of the ¨stuff¨that I learned last week.
Conference was INCREDIBLE. As I went back over my notes, I realized that there was a little something that hit me from nearly every one of the talks.

As always, Jeffrey R. Holland was powerfully inspiring and left me with a desire to be a little...well a lot... better.
*I loved his contrast of the pleasant vs painful parts of discipleship. That´s sometimes the hardest thing about this work. Knowing that those hard days will come, but learning to take the bad with the good and focus on the little miracles and blessings that are hidden along the way. 
Especially in missionary work. We´ve been focusing a lot on the Atonement and how we can better apply that doctrine in the way we do missionary work. It´s been amazing to find how much strength we can pull from that great act of selfless love. How it gives us that added motivation we need. To understand that the work of Salvation isn´t meant to be easy. It´s supposed to require something of our souls.
*¨Christlike love is the greatest need we have on this planet.¨ What a powerful statement. I´ve thought a lot about that this past week and how it´s something that a lot of times we underestimate... 
You all know that I´m a big advocate of the wisdom of the saying ¨All you need is love!¨ But I´ve realized that it´s so much more than just me sounding like a hippie, or a ¨sappy hermana¨. 
Jeffrey R. Holland followed it by saying ¨Pure, Christlike love, flowing from righteousness can change the world.¨
I´ve learned over the course of my mission that Love really is the greatest motivation for all that we do. ¨Loving them is powerful in influencing those you want to help.¨Were the words of Richard G. Scott.

This week, hermana Enos and I made a whole new commitment to purify ourselves and dedicate ourselves to the work. We took time to think about what we want to accomplish with another transfer here together, and how, with all of our ¨time and experience¨ we can put all that we´ve learned to use and really make the most of this transfer. We thought about the work we´ve done. The way we´ve grown, and the changes we´ve seen in ourselves since the beginning. We realized that the thing that´s going to make the difference is the littlest things. We´re dedicated to the work, we love being here, and we´re working hard. But we went through and decided that to really be completley effective and satisfied with the things we do, it´s going to require even just that little bit of extra effort. We´ve made a conscious effort this week to identify the littlest things that would hinder our receptiveness to the spirit. It´s amazing the way the Lord blesses us and helps us out when we are making a conscious effort to ¨give it all to him¨. 

I love this work. I´m amazed at the way the Lord gives me the strength, capacity, and tools to move forward every day. I have an entirely new capacity to love. I´m still not perfect at it always. But I´ve seen the way it aids in the work, and allows me to learn and grow in ways I didn´t think possible.Love is a distinguishing characteristic of discipleship. Knowing the love of our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ allows us to feel that way about his children. to help and serve them and understand his will and his way.

I love you all so much! I hope this week´s a good one! You all amaze me with all that you´re doing. It makes me smile to see pictures of you looking healthy, happy, busy, and strong in the faith.

Until next week,
xoxoox Your Hermana C

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