Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Q and A's

Do you know what today is?  Well yes, Monday, P day, and Yes, Happy Cinco De Mayo Day, But to me today is 6 days until I get to SKYPE with you!  Yay, I am just a bit excited... Best Mother's Day present ever! Please let me know today just what time you will be able to get on.  Do you call first again and then skype or just straight to skype.

1. What time do we get to Skype and for how long?( so if your church is out at 12 and you have until 4 that is 9-1  our time and that is perfect!1. I will be skyping you at 3 my time. :) I, too am so excited to SEE all of your cute faces!! 
2. Your last set of photos showed you looking so great. Are you doing better with parasite and strep?2, i{m finally losing weight again. i´ve been feeling much better healthwise
3.  Did you throw up after you ate that "soup add-in"3. i have now self-induced thrown up twice after eating at her house..... i didn´t throw up after the body part, but i did asked to be excused to the bathroom, and i may have cried a little?? 
4. Your hair looks so good, i love the color that it is growing in to be!4. the color doesn{t have a name we´ve decided.
5.What on earth was that meal that you showed in the blender(pinkish, plate of some meat etc...?all I could make out was a lemon and cilantro on the side.5. hahah the Mexican elders in our district made us REAL Mexican tacos. it was divine! The red stuff was salsa
6.Our beautiful spring weather is trying to decide if it wants to stay?  what is your winter doing? what are temps etc?6. it{s getting colder  and colder here. President told me in my interview where he is sending me... ha i love him, we have a great relationship and he always gives me the inside scoop :) i am headed to the cold of the cold. awesome.
7.What about Derrego makes it more unique than the other areas that you have been in?7. that is a really long story. mostly just that life here is literally sketch. .... take that as you will. i wrote you and dad a snail mail letter, and i{m hoping that that will help explain that..
8. What is the names of your new president in July?8. Presidente Goats. He{s from Arizona.
9.Any more, i will save to talk with you about.......................................9... talk to you in 6 DAYS! 

I really loved reading your last entry of "if your Happy and you know it!"  You are are so amazing! It made ME so happy.  i love that you are always looking at the good side of hard things to do.  You are such an amazing example to many people. I love that you love the people so much.  That is a good quality to have.  I love that you are able to take to heart the message; There isn't any one that you can't love once you know their story,  even half way around the world, you can see the trials, the differences and the similarities that bind us together as children of a loving Heavenly Father.  

I love you, happy May! MOM

I LOVE THIS WORK SO MUCH. i have had a lot of really good times on my mission... but for the past two weeks, i have just been HAPPY in every sense of the word. I{e made a huge goal to change and to just give my all to this work and to just focus on loving and seeing the people as the Lord does. It{s hard, but I can see how the Lord has worked with me to open my mind and my heart. it{s painful sometimes, but I{m so grateful for it! 

love love love love love you!!!! 

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