Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday March 17, 2014

1. Is the best address for letters or packages still
Argentina Mendoza Mission  
Casilla de Correo 631
5500 Mendoza
they told us not to send any packages any more. nothing´s getting in, and I would hate for you to keep spending money and sending stuff that isn´t ever going to get to me.
2. Did you work at all in 2o13 Jan-March with Essential care of were you done in Nov/Dec?(for tax purposes)no, i didn´t work for them any more after Vena died in December.
3. Did you happen to talk about calling on Mother's Day...yes, I will most likely ask until I actually talk with you on May11Th!EmojiI still need to hear back from president. but the zone leaders told me that si o si i´ll be able to talk to you for mother´s day. even if it´s not on the actual Sunday 
4. did you find boots i haven´t found boots yet. i think i might just have to wear my snow boots for the rain... ha
5. is it cooling off there or still warm? it´s cooling down quite a bit. still kinds of like Utah though. can´t make up its mind.
6. Is Pres and Sister Avilia being replaced in July?  Weren't they just placed right before you? Yes, they get replaced in June. two more transfers with them. Our new president is from Arizona. Presidente Goats.
7. did anything ever happen with Sergio from Elsy baptism He came to her and told her that he was only hanging around and helping her with things because....he...well... wanted something else... but she very firmly told him NO. (we taught her well with the law of chastity). and he hasn´t come around since! we all knew he was a bad guy. 

So what oils would I take if I had e. coli or a parasite? don´t freak or anything... I´m sure it will be fine.... I just don´t want to go to the hospital or trust any medical advice from anyone here....I just feel unsettled all the time (my stomach). I feel bloated always, but at the same time I cannot stop eating. I haven´t had blood in it yet. no vomiting, but lots of throwing down.
I´ve been sick for about a week... .or a little more. mostly just this week bad though.
If I´m out of oregano will just the lemon and on guard work?
Once a person is infected with a parasite, it's very easy to pass it along. If you have a parasite and don't wash your hands after using the restroom, you can easily pass microscopic parasite eggs onto anything you touch — the door handle, the salt shaker, your phone, or anyone you touch. It's also very easy to contract a parasite when handling animals. Hand washing is a major opportunity to prevent parasite contamination and transmission. Traveling overseas is another way that foreign parasites can be introduced to your system. If you consumed any contaminated water during your travels, you may have acquired a parasite of some kind.
10 Signs You May Have a Parasite
  1. You have an explained constipation, diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of IBS
  2. You traveled internationally and remember getting traveler’s diarrhea while abroad
  3. You have a history of food poisoning and your digestion has not been the same since.
  4. You have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up multiple times during the night.
  5. You get skin irritations or unexplained rashes, hives,or eczema.
  6. You grind your teeth in your sleep.
  7. You have pain or aching in your muscles or joints.
  8. You experience fatigue, exhaustion
  9. You never feel satisfied or full after your meals.
  10. You've been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.
The signs of a parasite can often appear unrelated and unexplained. As I mentioned previously, there are MANY different types of parasites that we are exposed to in our environments. I typically see parasites causing more constipation in patients than diarrhea, but some parasites are capable of changing the fluid balance in your gut and causing diarrhea. Trouble sleeping, skin irritations, mood changes, and muscle pain can all be caused by the toxins that parasites release into the bloodstream

I feel like I fit the mold on a few of those....I will try a combo of all of those things. thank you.

Take care of yourself my girl.  really hit the oils hard for a good week.  Check with the mission home for any local remedies that they suggest missionaries try if that doesn't work.  Just be careful not to let it go to long and too bad and wear you down beyond...I love you
So no package? The post offices are all on strike and the government is crazy.... sorry that´s blunt.... but... it´s kind of a mess. I have SOME probiotics left, but I´m really starting to run low on oils.... shoot.I don´t have thyme. All i really have is a little bit of peppermint, lemon, onguard, the mosquito one, a tiny bit of melaluca. not a whole lot to work with.... the mission nurse told me ¨Take peptobismal.¨so i said. forget that, I´m emailing my mom.I am on the road to recovery. I feel more myself this week. I had rashes, fever, constipation and diarrhea (who knew those could exist together). and I wasn't sleeping so basically I was dead.... but I can actually get out of bed without a pep talk now ha ha and I{m feeling better... I love oils.
The mission well... she's a dear, but there{s much she doesn't know... but luckily I know my body, and I have a great mommy nurse who knows what to do :) love you love you!  hahahaha for now, no packages 
:( i am so sad! I laughed at the peptobismal comment!  no bueno!  Try the oils full force for a few days and then follow with the probiotics.  I love you and keep praying, still just watch it so you don't end up in the hospital down there...they will just bathe you in peptobismal!!!!!!!!!Have a wonderful week...we will save your bday package and show you photos of your darling Christmas packages.  Just know and feel that You are so LOVED!!!!!!
I feel of your love. packages or no. but that doesn´t stop me from wanting to start a march of my own to get my cards and letters. save all of that for me when I come home.
Hi there Coco,  I am forwarding this lesson on the atonement to you.  It was our relief Society Lesson for today.  It was very engaging for so many people.  The quotes are so great and we had a lot of discussion about everyone's trials and the purpose for struggles and adversity.  I was going to try and paraphrase the lesson and then I just wanted to say it all so...I am sending it all>Enjoy and think deeply of the quotes!

We had such a great meeting today.  Todd gave his mission farewell and just had the strongest spirit of repentance and the atonement.  WOW!  He relayed a story of how an individual was trying to learn how to drive stick shift and was struggling.  Drivers around the car were honking and getting upset at him every time it stalled and delayed traffic.  The next day, the driver then placed a sign in the back of the car that simply stated "learning to drive stick" The difference in drivers reaction and patience was notable and people actually cheered when the car started back up again and got going!  He gave the analogy that everyone should have a "learning to drive stick" or someone later said "learning Heaven" sign so that others would know and feel that we are all learning through life and we should be patient and kind instead of judging and cranky.  It was so powerful. I said Hi and congrats to Todd from you after the meeting and he said to say hi.

Love you and miss you.  As I was talking with different people saying you had been out for a year this week, it just surprised me how fast it truly has gone.  I have been worried this week with your gut issues, please give me updates on that an d if the oils seem to be helping at all.  I feel like the mission medical should have a better resolution and prepared for parasites, you just may have to be your best advocate or you may just bring the thing home as a souvenir.   Please take care of yourself...Promise me!  I love you beyond and hope this week has been a strong one.  You are in my thoughts and prayers every minute.  All my love, MOM
 You´re great!! Thanks for being a reliable source of help even halfway across the world.Love, love, love, love you !!! I feel better...I'm not lethargic or exhausted all the time now...I'm still taking the probiotics and oils every day.

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