Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Photos-Christmas in May!

*Christmas in May?? 
I love you all so very much! 

*okay... so Iknow that most of you can´t understand this letter from Camila... but honestly one of THE most touching things I´ve recieved. All my friends that speak Spanish, talk about ¨How great shall be your joy if you bring save it be one sould unto me¨?? This is coming from a little girl who jsut weeks ago didn´t even know who Jesus was... and now she is sharing her solid testimony that families are forever, that Christ lives, and that our Heavenly Father answers prayers. 
¨Dear Hermanas, Thank you with all of my heart for the things that you have taught us. You really are part of my family. Thank you so much. I hope that one day we will find each other again in the Celestial Kingdom and that we can spend all of eternity together. I pray that the Lord will touch my mom and dad so that they will let us be baptized. Love, Camila.¨
*just enjoying my candy cane cocoa. bliss.
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