Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 7, 2014 - PHOTOS

*Daiana, from our barrio. got set apart 
and left on her misión to BRASIL

* STLs menos 2

* Cerro de la Gloria

* vertical?? 

* Hermanita Cooley! 

* Hermana Tanner

* Sofia y Camila! 

* that awkward moment when you 
think Easter is two weeks earlier than it really is......

* and then your kind of expensive 
chocolate egg has NOTHING inside..

* Hola, President Tommy. 

*gringo room! 


* Lybbert 

* Ben, for conference I made omelets (spelling?) 
and thought of how much i missed YOURS. xoxo

I want to Hold Your Hand!
* hijita mía!! 

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